Cullen Wife Swap

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Alice Cullen POV

One day in Forks, Washington in the Cullen's house Emmet and Jasper came in the house all excited and happy entering the living room were their family was. Bella and Edward sitting at his piano. Alice and Rose looking through magazines and Jacob and Renesme watching T.V. Before the could say anything I said " how could you do this she's gonna be so mad at u guys u could get us exposed..." " WHAT IS GOING ON" Rose, Renseme , Belle and Jacob yell . " these two dipshit signed us up for wife swap and we got selected Esme is gonna be pissed off at you two" Edward said furiously. " Uncle J and E how could you be so rude like that" my innocent niece Renesme said. " By the way do u smart ones see who we're switching with" Jacob said while putting his arm around Renesme pulling her close to him.

" What is all this screaming about I can here you form outside" says my father Carlisle " Can u two do anything right for once and answer my question " Jacob said to my brothers while Renesme made a face to him and hit his arm. " Hold one let them tell Carlisle and Esme first Jake ". Said Bella from Edwards arms. Everyone turned to Emmemt and Jasper they were quite for a while .

" Sometime soon before I rot her " screamed Rose.

" Alright Babe calm down Soo Wee signed our family up for wife..." " WE U FORCED ME TO COME WITH you " says my sexy soulmate jasper. " So u guys think u can just sign me up for any thing and I'll just go with it " Esme screamed.

I notice Jasper sending her a wave of calmness when I look over at him. " Oh whatever I have watched so many wife swap episode this is gonna be fun!" She says cheerfully. " So did u two illiterate fools open the letter and read what it says or when this thing is gonna happen" Jake he said while everyone laughed.

I took the paper from Jasper's hand while giving him a quick peck on the lips .

Dear, The Cullen's

We at the Wife Swap Agence were very impressed with ur video. Mrs. Esme Cullen u will have to rite ur daily routine and what ur kid are allowed and not allowed to do for the other mother taking ur place. You are goin to leave ur house in Forks and travel to Dallas, Texas Monday March 19.

You will me swapping with The Baker Family.

Sincerely , wife swap!

" OMG Esme that's tomorrow " I say happily " NO Duh Alice anyway Esme Alice and I will pack ur bags for u

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