This a oneshot that was requested by my friend who like me ships Liam and Louis...Lilo :) its such a cute ship name :)


I looked into his eyes as he took his last breath, he smiled and squeezed my hand gently and then he was gone, he had left me....

Louis's Pov:

I looked over at my boyfriend Liam who was sat on the bed in our hotel suite. He was sat hunched over his laptop doing a twitcam to our dedicated directioners or as we called them, our girls and boys. He finished up and turned to face me as I ran a finger down the back of his neck,

"I've missed you" I said seductively bending down kissing his neck.

Liam shivered under my touch "Lou I was in the same room as you?"

I nodded whilst wrapping my arms around his waist

"yes, but I couldn't touch you"

Liam grinned up at me "awww I love you Boo"

My stomach flipped at his words. "I love you too Liam"

I moved his laptop and sat down in his lap, straddling him. I looked into his beautiful chocolate brown eyes. Getting lost in them, I leaned in and fluttered my eyes close and kissed his warm, soft lips. I love kissing Liam, I can still remember the first time we kissed.....


I was teaching Liam to cook my mum's signature spaghetti dish when we both walked into each other.  

I looked into Liams eyes. "No matter happens we'll always be best friends right?"

Liam nodded confused "Of course!"


Liam nodded again. "Promise".

I nodded and screwed up my courage and leaned in and kissed him on his lips, they were everything I thought they will be and more, way more.

Then I noticed Liam wasn't responding and I was about to pull away when he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me ever so closer to him. I tilted my head to allow him more entrance which he gladly accepted, I ran my tongue across his bottom lip and he granted access I pushed my tongue in his mouth exploring, enjoying the taste of him that flooded me.

All to soon i had to pull away. I looked into Liams eyes suddenly bashful.

"Sorry about that" I whispered and I attempted to walk away but his arms had created an inescapable snare around me.

"Well I didn't mind" Liam answered seriously.

I stared at Liam in shock.


Liam laughed at me "I quite enjoyed it."

I blushed and looked at the floor, I felt his finger under my chin tilting my head up.

"Lou, will you be my boyfriend?" Liam asked.

My heart stopped and I stared at him, the boy that I have been in love with since x-factor had just asked me out?

"Oh god yes, of course" I exclaimed realising I hadn't answered him.

Liam chuckled and pressed his lips to mine again.


The door to our bedroom was flung open by a very rowdy Zayn, Niall and Harry.