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Merman Deku squad boys AU

No one POV:

Bakugou worked as a marine biologist, I week ago they found three merman stuck in a huge net so they brought them back to the facility. They live in a semi small pool that was very clean and filled with salt water for them and it had a big rock in the middle that they could lay on

Bakugou went to check on them as normal to see if the are healthy. He put on a wed suit and brought his kit and a bucket of fish for them, he went and stood at the edge of the pool and didn't see them so he went in the shallow end and sat on the stairs

Not long after he saw three merman come his way and up to him excited. Bakugou went and checked their tales to make sure they were healing. They kept swaying their tales fast creating little waves that almost knocked him over

"Careful!" He yelled making them stop and give apologetic looks like they were kids getting scolded

"Looks like you guys are all good" bakugou said and sat on the star case again and fed them the fish once, when he fished throwing them they pouted

"Well that's all for today" he said and none of them moved so he decided to get your so they'd take the hint but right as he tried hands grabbed his waist and pulled him into the water against someone's chest, the person let out a large growl that scared bakugou

'Maybe they're getting angry cause I'm in their territory?' Bakugou thought and turned and looked up at the merman it was iida who grabbed him

"Hey um I don't know if you can understand me but I was just leaving so you can let go" bakugou chuckled nervously the merman only held on tighter and the moved and held him like a child

"Hey let me go assholes!" Bakugou yelled trying to get out of his hold but it was no use they're all way stronger then him, iidas face softened so did the rest of them and the other two came closer and looked down at him cooing

'Well at least they're calm' bakugou thought as his head was pushed to iidas chest

"What's going on with you guys today?" He asked out loud even though they can't respond,  Iida was rocked him side to side making bakugou very sleepy. He let out a yawn and the merman swam to the big rock making sure to keep bakugous head out of water, soon bakugou was asleep cuddled up to the three merman

Iida POV:

(Pretend they're saying this in some type of mermaid language)

"He's so cute!" Deku chirped

"So small and fragile compared to the other humans we've seen" shoto said petting the blondes hair

"He's the height of a baby merman" I cooed

"When he wakes up we can escape this place and go out in the world since he doesn't know merman can turn human" I say rubbing bakugous tummy lightly

"He's just a little baby he doesn't know a lot but we can teach him" Deku said excited I kissed dekus lips softly and then shotos

"Let's get some rest too" I say the nods and we cuddle bakugou

Bakugou POV:

I woke up on the big rock being cuddled by three idiots. I don't know what's going on with them, they're acting different and weirder might just be some weird merman thing I crawl over to deku

"Hey wake up idiot" I said I know he probably can't understand me but he isn't deaf, he slowly opens his eyes and chirps happily

'He always was more energetic and happier then the others' I thought as he pulled me on his lap, he does some sorta call or something that wakes the other up.m, They chirp to each other

'I think they're having a conversation?' I think then all of a sudden deku takes me into his arms and they slide back into the water I clutch onto deku scared they move towards the shallow end. I relaxed a little then they're tails turned to legs and they were wearing only swim trunks, I was in pure shock. They stepped onto land I was still be carried by deku but he moved me to his hip

"What's going on!?" I yelled in anger when I was really just confused and shocked and a little scared

"Shhh it's okay" Deku said shocking me more

"Y-you can talk!" I yelled shocked

"We all can baby" shoto said making me blush

"Now let's get going" Iida said

"Where?" I asked no one answered making me huff and pout, they walked out of the facility

"Put me down I can't have people see me like this!" I yelled trying to get down

"You either can get carried by deku or hold my hand which one?" Shoto said I glare at him

"Fine I'll hold your hand... but I'm not a baby!" I yelled and was sat down on my feet I realized then how much taller they all are, my head went to their hip. Shoto grabbed my hand and I probably looked like a toddler. We walked for what seems like forever! I think we're lost because it looks like we are just in the middle of the woods stranded

"I'm tired" I whined and shoto then picked me up

"Sleep I'll wake you up when we get there" he said so I fell asleep like he said to do laying my head on his chest

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