Date Night.

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I've had some people ask if I will be making a sequel to this story. my answer isssss...

YES! I will be. Y'know, once I finish this one. Which will be.....I have no idea. :)




"Dani, I swear. You've been piling on dresses so much, I think I'm going to die from overload." I said.

Shopping with Dani, Eleanor and Ella was....Uhm. Interesting. It was only one in the afternoon and I'm pretty sure I've tried on like...50 dresses. And we were no where near done. 

"Come on, let's go in here!" El said. Dani, Ella and I followed her into one of our more popular stops, the famous Jack Wills shop. They always did have some great selections.

As we walked into the womens section and started looking, something caught my eye right off. I walked over to it, and it seemed to be the only one they had. I moved my hands to bring it away fromthe other clothes it was touching. It was an ivory color. A lace piece with come sequins on the front putting a little bit of shine onto it. A sweetheart neckline and strapless. The top seemed to come in to the waist and cich, and then flow out again, creating a somewhat whimsical silhouette.

"Uh guys. I think I found it." I said somewhat quietly.

They came to either side of it and looked it, nodding in agreement. "Go try it!" they said. I smiled and went off to try it. As I entered the stall to try it on and put it on, it seemed to be almost like an extension of me. I felt just as good about myself as the dress looked on me. I had grown up wearing modern clothing. Heck, all I wear is more modern pieces. But in my closet, I have many vintage ones, like this, that I've been dying to wear. And this seemed like it would be a perfect addition.

"Well?" Dani asked.

"It's....perfect." I said, smiling like an idiot at the mirror.

"Well, come out! Let us see!" Ella exclaimed.

I opened the door of the stall, and no one said anything. Just looked at me in...awe.

"Okay. I think I found the dress." They nodded, and I changed back into my regular clothes. I bought the dress and we decided to grab something in the food court. We all grabbed  some Subway on went back home. It was about 2 in the afternoon and still had plenty of time before Harry and I planned to leave.

We decided to stop by the Subway in the food court and head back to the house. The boys were all out with the kids doing something, so us girls had the place to ourselves. Perrie had come to the mall, but did her own thing. As all os us went upstairs, we went into the room Ella and I shared and sat for a bit. Watched some TV until 5, and then the others decided it was time to get ready. Though I could have been lazy for anohter hour.

Perrie had an idea for shoes, and grabbed some out of her room. They were ivory flats that were very sparkly, and she let me borrow them. They went perfectly with the dress. I'd have to get my own pair sometime. I took a quick shower and then I was sat down in a chair. The girls were drying my hair, then curling the ends. My bangs were swept off to the side, and someone was brushing up my nails. I had a tendency to bite them, and apparently Ella had a thing about that. She started working at a nail salon and was very good at it. After I put on my usual make up, I slipped on my dress and the flats, and stood in front of a mirror.

"" I said. I had never pictured myself looking this...beautiful. I mean, I modeled,

The girls girls stood behind me, looking at the creation they had made. They looked like they felt like a mom, looking at their daughter who's going on her first official date.

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