Drunken State

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Inko' POV:

Everything was prepared for my little angels' birthday all that was missing was for my husband to come over.

I wonder what quirk he really got?

Maybe he will be lucky and really get the quirk he wanted to have.

Whatever it is I am sure it is a brilliant quirk!

He is my little angel after all!

I was working in the morning and couldn't get my morning shift canceled. I tried everything to get the whole day but, in the end, I was only able to free the afternoon. My boss told me that he needed me here in the morning and so I was not able to go with them to the quirk appointment we made. However, that didn't stop me from thinking about them and my son's quirk. There were so many different quirks he could have gotten. It might even be a new one that is not from my family's side nor my husbands.

All in all I couldn't wait to get home and the moment I did I immediately went to Izuku and swooped him of his feet. He always loved it when I held him high up in the air.

Me: Did you miss me, my little angel?

Izuku: Hm!

Hisashi: Welcome back love!

I put him down and saw my husband walking over to me hugging me and giving me a kiss.

Me: Did everything go well?

Hisashi: Yes.

Me: And?

Hisashi: Why are you looking at me, ask him yourself. I am sure he would be happy to tell it to you himself.

Me: Good point.

I went down to be on a eyelevel with him.

Me: Izu, what quirk did you get?

Izuku: Wings!

Me: Wings?

I looked up at my husband since I did know that his mother had wings too.

Izuku: I'll be your angel!

Me: But you already are my little angel!

Izuku: I'll protect you!

Me: Ohh my little hero angel, I know that.

I gave him a hug before we all got prepared in order to get out to the hero caffe. We after all booked a table and ordered a cake to be specially prepared for him.

It didn't take long for us to get there and once we were there. We spend our time as a family. I could see that Izuku had soo much fun that day. All in all, we were one happy family after all. Or so I thought if not for my husband who was drinking the whole time. I never saw him drink a single drop and that's why it concerned me soo much.

Me: Honey, stop drinking. It's not good for you!

Hisashi: Let me celebrate this day!

Me: But you never drink!

Hisashi: There is always a first time! Besides this is great! Our son has such a great quirk too.

Me: Dear is everything alright?

Hisashi: Yes, why?

Me: You sound a little bit sad, that's all.

Hisashi: I'm not! How can I be sad?

Me: I don't know maybe something happened?

Hisashi: Stop over thinking and enjoy the evening!

Me: You are right.

The coffee shop we were in hosted at 3 p.m. a hero session where every day there would be a new hero as a guest. Today it was Grand Torino. I knew almost every hero name thanks to my little angel himself. He loved them soo much and I loved seeing my little angel smile. He was my everything. I would even gladly die if it meant to save him. That's how a mother is after all.

We spend the whole day in the coffe shop and only returned around 9 p.m. there were two reasons for that. The first one was Izuku. He didn't want to leave the shop and listened to every story the staff told him. They all looked like they enjoyed telling their stories and about the heroes they met. So, I couldn't bring myself to tell him that we were about to go.

The other reason was my husband. I didn't know what gotten into him. He was completely drunk. I never saw him drink not even a single drop and yet here he was drinking until he nearly passed out.

In the end the coffee shop employees needed to call a cab and help me get my husband and my asleep son into it. I was really thankful for that. This coffee was a really nice place and I was sure to come here again someday. The food was delicious and they were not expensive to not to mention all the fun Izuku had there.

Once we got home the taxi driver was also so kind as to help me with my drunken husband and my dear son.

Me: Thank you very much!

Taxi Driver: No problem Ma'am! I understand the joy after finding out your son's quirk. I was the same like your husband.

Me: Thanks again!

Taxi Driver: Have a nice evening.

Since I didn't trust other people very much, I only let him put my husband on the doorstep to our house and opened it only after watching him drive away. After that I unlocked the door and put my son to bed first but by the time, I went to get my husband inside, he was already inside the house.

Me: Dear are you feeling better?

Hisashi: How could you do that?

Me: Do what?

Hisashi: He's our son!

Me: You are clearly drunk my darling.

Hisashi: How could you just sell him away?

Me: Huh?

I was now completely lost. He was obviously drunk but that still didn't make any sense as to why he was saying something like that. Not only that but I could feel the rage coming off of him.

Me: Honey?

Hisashi: Don't call me that!

Me: How about I give you something to get sobber?

He however didn't listen and came straight to me and hit me. It was so hard that I fell down knocking our flower vase down and cutting my hand on the shards.


No respond. He just looked at me before turning around and leaving towards the kitchen. I really hoped that he was about to get something to get sobber or a glass of water. It maybe could have even been the first aid kit I put in a cupboard since I did tend to cut myself while cooking a lot.

However, what happened next left me speechless and unable to run away. The sight alone made my blood freeze and all I could think of was Izuku. Something was wrong with my husband and I didn't want him to hit my dear angel or do something even worse with him.

Me: Please Hisashi! Wake up! Get sobber already!!!! Our son is in his bed sleeping! There is nothing wrong with him!

Hisashi: Liar!

I begged and hoped that whatever happened would not happen.

How wrong I was and the only thing I regretted was seeing Izuku there watching everything unfold. I wanted to tell him to run but I couldn't. I had not enough energy to do that.

I am so sorry I can't see you grow anymore!

Please be save my little angel!

Everything went on so fast that not even I knew what just happened but one thing was sure. I would never be able to see my dear little angel ever again.

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