Chapter 2

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"Y/N, do I really get to see Ariana Grande?" Theo asked excitedly.

"Unfortunately." I told her. Elly nudged me.

"I'm so excited! I'm so excited!" She shouted. The five year old jumped on me, and I picked her up. Her brown curls fell in her face, and I moved them out of the way for her.

"I know you're excited, baby." I smiled.

We were in line at the meet and greet for Ariana. The two of us were all over the tabloids despite our falling out. Everyone was raving about that billionaire that beat up paparazzi for the pop star. Little did they know the billionaire regretted it deeply. I was being sued for 2 million dollars per person. It wasn't a lot to me, but I damn sure didn't want to lose it.

A big man came out of the tent and walked up to us.

"Hi!" Elly said.

"Mrs. Grande wants for you three to follow me to the back of the line." He said. Theo looked up quickly. Her big brown eyes over flowed with tears.

"She doesn't want to see me?" Theo cried.

"What the hell is 'Mrs. Grande's' problem? If she has a problem with me we can handle it directly, but she can't take it out on my baby sister." I snarled.

"It's actually the opposite. She wants more time with you three, so she's sending you to the back." He said. Theo's tears stopped as quickly as they started.

"She wants to see me?!" She yelled. The man nodded.

"Oh...well let's go." I said. I kept Theo in my arms as we walked to the back of the line.

"She's married?" I asked Theo.

"Yeah, she's married to a nice man named Dalton." Theo told me. I hummed.

"Who would marry her?" I said.

"Y/N." Elly warned.

"You can smoke a blunt in the trunk with Theo in the backseat, but I can't talk shit. Hypocrisy." I said. After waiting for about two hours it was finally our turn. When we stepped in the tent, the girl in front of me looked nothing like the crying mess I saw Tuesday night. She was beautiful. I felt Theo kicking me.

"Put me down! Put me down!" She said. I snapped out of my thoughts and placed her on the ground. She ran over to Ariana and hugged her.

"She don't even hug me like that." I said rolling my eyes.

"Ariana, I know all of your songs. I know all of the dances. I'm your biggest fan I promise." Theo giggled. Ariana laughed.

"Oh I bet you are. You are the absolute cutest." Ariana said.

"That's what everyone says." Theo smiled.

"Say thank you, baby." I told her.

"I mean, thank you." She told Ariana.

"You're very welcome." Ariana said.

"Can we take the picture now?" Theo asked.

"Yes, of course. Are your sisters joining us?" Ariana asked looking at me.

"No, it's all about me. Plus Y/N doesn't even know who you are. She doesn't deserve to be in it." Theo said.

"Hey, I brought you here!" I said.

"Exactly. You brought me here. We are here for me!" She sassed me. I held my hands up in defense.

"Fuck that. I want a picture with Ariana Grande." Elly said.

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