Chapter 2

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This book was written many years ago! I know this is not realistic, however my 12-year-old brain thought it was good. The book is under revision, but I don't want to completely change the story because I find it funny/nostalgic to look back and see how my writing skills have changed. So, DO NOT COMMENT ABOUT HOW UNREALISTIC THIS IS! I already know and I'm not changing it.                      


 I wake up at 8:00. I can't believe today is my first lesson! I jump in the shower. When I get out I put my medium blonde hair into a side fishtail braid.

        I put my cute blue tank top with greenish-yellow flowers on it along with my jeans on. My mom bought me a pair of red boots too. They're super cute.

        After putting them on, I come downstairs. Mom is cooking scrambled eggs while dad is at the table, sipping on coffee while reading a newspaper: A typical morning.

"So, are you ready for your lesson today?" My dad asks when I sit down. I nod. Mom serves the eggs to me with cheese on top... Just the way I like it.

"You look nice today," my mom comments.

"Thank you." I reply. I see that it is 10:00.

"Lets go!" I say. Kayleen told us to come early so that I can get a tour and be taught the basics. We pull up in the driveway.

"Bye, guys." I say to my parents then run out of the car. I look for Melody. I find her talking to Kayleen. I wave.

"Okay, McKenzie. Melody will show you around and give you the basics." Kayleen says. I nod. Kayleen leaves us.

"So, you will be riding Jewel," Melody says "She is out in the paddock right now, so lets go catch her."

"Okay." I say. I see a beautiful horse. I gasp at the sight of her. She is so gorgeous.

"Do you know what color she is?" Melody asks. I shake my head.

"She is a dun." Melody says. She grabs a blue halter with orange jewels on them. She holds it out to me. I take it from her.

        We walk into the paddock. Jewel lifts her head.

"Take this." Melody commands me handing me a treat. I take it. Jewel trots up to us, and I give her the treat, then slip her halter on.

"Good." Melody says.

"Thank you."

        We lead Jewel into the barn and put her on the cross ties. Melody shows me all the brushes and how to use them. I groom the horse, but Melody picks the feet for me.

        Next, we put on the saddle blanket, then a western saddle. Melody helps me to get the bit into the mouth. Soon enough we are finished tacking up.

"Alright. Lets head out to the round pen"


        I lead Jewel to the mounting block. I get on and walk off. Jewel has really nice movements. I notice Kayleen approaching the round pen to supervise. I hope I will do well!

"Okay, lets trot." Melody says. I give a little kick, but she only speed up a little bit.

"You gotta cluck." Melody chuckles. I kick and cluck, and Jewel trots. It's pretty bouncy.

"How am I doing?" I ask Melody.

"Really good. You're a natural."

        I smile. We slow down to a walk and reverse directions.

"Alright, follow me." Melody tells me. I follow. She shows me all the horses in the barn and where the trailers are parked, then the horses in pins.

        I see that grey one that caught my eye yesterday. "Who is he?" I ask pointing to him.

"That is Dakota. He hates people, and he is really skittish."

        I stare at him for a while before heading back to the barn. I dismount and untack Jewel. Melody leads her into the stall for me.

"You know what?"


"Your actually the first person I've given a lesson to. I think it's only because I'm only 15." Melody tells me.

"Really? I'm thirteen." I say. We exchange a smile. My parents are late for picking me up so Melody and I get to know each other. We have a lot in common.

        My parents pull up and I hug Melody then leave.

"How was it?" My mom asks.

"Great!" I exclaim. It was. It was really, really great. And the best part is, I think I made a new friend.


Heyoooooo. 646 words I'm tired. Is this week your spring break? It is mine. Hope you enjoy this book.


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