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"Welcome back to another episode of 'Keeping it a milli with Millz! On today's episode we have two special guest who I've been wanting to do an episode with for a while but we finally got the chance so can we please give a warm welcome to tiktoks sweethearts, Charli and Dixie D'amelio!" I cheered.

"Hi guys!" They both said into the mic smiling.

"So on the episode, we're gonna be talking about our journey on social media as young influencers. Around the same time we all blew up on tiktok, so we kind of came into this together I like to think. But there are many things I wanna talk about stemming from sudden rise to fame, hate, mental health, the whole thing. So please, before we get started, give us a rundown on who Charli and Dixie D'amelio are."

"We'll I'm Dixie and I'm the oldest and more athletic D'amelio." She jokes before continuing.

"Um, we grew up in Norwalk, Connecticut and lived there our whole lives until recently where we actually moved out here. I grew up into the dirt bike racing kind of scene, I was that girl who always wanted to get her hands dirty whereas my sister Charli was more on the dancer side of things. We were definitely two different personalities but they somehow leveled each other out because we both wanted to be active kids."

"I grew up loving sports, I played all kinds in middle school and high school if I'm being honest. We were just normal kids living a normal life up until 2019." She finished.

"And so that's where we get into the whole getting famous thing. Where did that even come from, what was your initial reaction, lead me through it." I ask Charli.

"Well that's where I come in. So basically it was September I want to say? Or maybe early October? I don't know but I had been on tiktok for a while and I already had somewhat of a following. I just did a bunch of dancing videos or even funny videos with my friends. But there was this one day, I was at school in the bathroom with my friend and this dance had been trending on tiktok that I wanted to do. So I did it, I was wearing that pink oversized shirt with a skirt and did the dance. I posted it not thinking much of it and then within 24 hours I had went viral on tiktok all because of this one dance. From there on I just blew up on tiktok." She says.

"It's so crazy to think that, that was almost a year ago. Because I remember being on tiktok around that time. I hadn't recorded my viral video yet but I remember seeing you on my for you page just thinking, 'She went viral so quickly, I wonder if I could do it.' And sure enough I posted my video a few days after you and it went crazy." I reminisce.

"It was genuinely so scary to see how fast I started growing, especially since I had been on social media already. I was on YouTube and had a small following already but I never got as much media attention as I did now. And I loved it but as we all know now, I went through some traumatic shit at the same time I blew up and I just.... Couldn't really balance that all at the same time."

"I completely understand you. I didn't go through anything traumatic when I first started but after recent events that was the first time I was ever in a scandal or entwined with some drama that I just couldn't deal with when it started. But then I got cocky on social media and pretended to not be hurt when in reality I was so upset about what had been happening. And then when I went live showing people how I really felt, I got so much back lash of people telling me 'You should've kept it off social media', as if I was the one who brought it there?" Charli says after I continued.

"And that's the thing that bothers me about social media. I'm completely fine with people attacking me because at the end of the day, I have a thicker skin than Charli. We've tried to get her a bit more tougher for the simple fact that we're East Coasters and it should come naturally to us, but she's sensitive to these things. So when people make shitty comments about her, I'm not for it and then I get the comments saying that Charli is old enough to defend herself which is true but I'm her sister and I don't like my sister getting attacked on social media for something she didn't even bring to it." Dixie speaks up.

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