"What are you doing?" Key asked Jonghyun, walking into the kitchen. Key's mood lifted substantially as he felt Jonghyun's soft fingers brush over his face earlier that morning.

"Making you food, and a hot chocolate for Taemin to give to Minho, because Maknae can't make drinks for shit." Key chuckled and walked over to Jonghyun, linking his arms around his waist and resting his head on Jonghyun's shoulder. For most friends, doing something like that would've been considered awkward and uncomfortable, but for Jonghyun and Key, it was a norm.

"Do you have any plans for today?" Jonghyun asked, Key's hands still wrapped around his waist.

"Not that I'm aware of, why?"

"Because I was wondering if you wanted to grab something to eat after rehearsals today," he answered and Key smiled brightly.

"Sure," Key replied and he nodded.

"Okay, meet me outside the studio afterwards. For you," Jonghyun smirked and walked back into the bedroom to get changed, leaving a plate in Key's hand - a pancake in the shape of a heart. He left the hot chocolate on the side for Taemin, and left Key with a stupid smile on his face.

Key's own heart did a jump at the small gesture of appreciation and he blushed, ignoring Taemin's hot chocolate and thinking about Jonghyun.

Key had to make a move soon.


"I like the way he looks at you," Taemin laughed at Key, nudging him in the ribs.

"I like it, too," Key echoed back, smirking and flicking his hair. Taemin wondered if Minho looked at him the way Jonghyun looked at Key, or if Taemin looked at Minho like that.

Taemin stopped stirring the hot chocolate and he gave Key a short, curt nod before carrying it into his and Minho's room.

"Here you go!" Taemin pushed open their bedroom door with his foot and found Minho changing with his shirt halfway pulled over his head. "Oh, sorry!" Taemin blushed, almost dropping the two mugs of hot chocolate onto the floor. Minho laughed and left the shirt hanging around his neck.

"It's okay, Taeminnie. You should be used to this by now." Minho walked across the room and took the mugs from Taemin's hands. Taemin was getting redder and redder in the face as Minho placed the hot chocolate on the bedside table. "Relax," Minho whispered, hugging his boyfriend.

"I'm sorry, I didn't mean to spill it everywhere. I can make you another if you like!" Taemin rambled and Minho chuckled at his boyfriend's pointless worrying.

"It's okay, Taeminnie, we can just go get some towels to clean up the mess and it will all be fine." He smiled, resting his hand on Taemin's shoulder in an attempt to calm his nerves.

"Okay," Taemin sighed a sigh of relief and Minho exited the room in a mission to find some towels.

"Back!" He proclaimed as he walked into the room, and Taemin smiled.

He dropped the towels on the floor and they both proceeded to wipe up the hot chocolate that landed on the wood planks.

"Thank you for helping, I love you." Taemin whispered sweetly and Minho's eyes brightened, and he leaned over to give Taemin a sweet, short kiss on his lips.

"I love you too, Taeminnie."

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