twenty two - louis

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twenty two – louis

“Fuck, your mouth.”

            Louis would be very much lying if he did not admit that he felt as if he was in heaven right then; with Harry on his knees, worshipping his manhood, it was a sight that no one could keep themselves from salivating. His baby boy was working very hard to make him forget about the previous events, and although the man couldn’t possibly just ignore the painful kick Angie gave to his testicles, Harry did his best to erase that from his memory. Louis looked down then, smiling to himself contently.

            His fingers were playing with the ringlets of his poppet’s curls, gripping onto them when Harry did that particular thing with his tongue that made Louis’ eyes water. Harry’s cheeks had that iridescent pink glow on them, redness gathered on his lips because of how much he was trying, his eyes glassy and hazy. “D-darling?” Louis croaked out, and so Harry looked up, mouthed stuffed full and eyes like a doll’s.

            A word that suited Harry like a glove would be pure. The boy was so alive and dreamy at the same time, Louis sometimes believed that it was all a dream and nothing of this was real. Harry was a delicate little creature, created by a mythical force and not humans, with how ethereally beautiful he was. The boy did not deserve to be living in a world full of corruption and deception like the ones they lived right then, he deserved to be kept away from the hungry masses and be protected from any possible danger lurking in the corner.

            Harry was also so innocent; the poor lad had experienced such tragedies in his life, but he here he was, a peaceful and naïve sweetheart that constantly needed reassurance and lacked self-confidence when not on stage. But Louis was sure he could provide all of that, and so, so much more, for Harry. He used to consider himself as a person who would never let his guard down for anyone and anything, not after what happened to his parents.

            However Harry wasn’t like those savages, who had the audacity to burst into their small, poor home in the middle of the night, when Louis was still a toddler, but mature enough to comprehend what was going on. The beasts were brave enough to violate his mother’s femininity and end her life with a knife through the valley of her naked, bruised breasts, while his father wailed angrily, restricted by three pairs of arms, until they calmed his cries with a knife right through his throat.she probably had promised to herself that she would never do, never remind herself the pain she went through when she received the news of his son’s murder and his wife’s. And she did take good care of him for the first years of his stay with her, but once Louis reached the age of twelve and discovered his adoration for reptiles, Grandma decided to exclude him from her life and treat him as if he was a burden for her. Meeting Harry was the best that had happened to Louis’ life.

            “D-darling,” Louis said again, thumbing over the outline of his shaft in Harry’s cheek, “Go slow, d-don’t want to hurt you, fuck – “ he cried out when Harry popped his mouth of his shaft and started jerking him off.

            He also had to admit that his innocent little doll was also a saucy little minx. In just the short amount of time the two lovers had been together, Harry had learnt all of Louis’ buttons and knew when and how to push them. He already had quite some experience, but that was before Louis joined the circus, and it made Louis’ chest rumble with fiery jealousy.

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