Chapter 1

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Emily P.O.V

"Emily, you have to go to bed," my mom said to me. "Tomorrow is the first day of school."

I've been sitting on our couch staring off into space for what seemed like years. I finally looked up and met my mom's gaze.

"But I don't want too. Not without Lauren," I mumbled the last part into the pillow.

She sighed sitting down beside me while putting an arm around me.

I laid my head down on her arm as she spoke.

"She'll be back in a month," my mom said. "Besides, your father and I are trying to see if we can come see her and the girls next week," she said whispering.

I smiled widely as my mom just chuckled.

"Promise?" I asked sticking my pinky out.

She linked her finger with mine. "I promise," she said before kissing my hand.

I kissed hers back before jumping off the couch and running to the steps.

"Don't forget to brush your teeth and take a shower," she called out.

"I won't and thank you mom, I love you," I said and ran into my room shutting my door.

I heard a faint, I love you too coming from my mom.

I rushed into the bathroom and took a shower making sure to wash my hair and brush my teeth after.

I quickly got dressed in my pajamas and somber my hair out jumping into bed.

I turned my bedside lamp off and turned around to face my sister's sweatshirt. I smelled exactly like her so I've been sleeping with it ever since she left.

As I breathed in my sisters scent, I soon fell asleep letter my dreams occupy my mind.

Taylor woke me up at six o'clock the next morning.

I got up, made my bed and walked over to the closet picking out black jeans, a black tank top and a red flannel button up shirt with my black and white converse.

I looked in the mirror as I brushed out my long black hair.

My family says I look just like Lauren, but we don't see it.

Unlike my sister Lauren, with her gorgeous green eyes that everybody loves, I have brown eyes like the rest of my family.

I grabbed my book bag and ran down the steps just as my dad came through the door causing us to run into each other.

"Woah there Em, your gonna take someone's arm off if you don't slow down," he said grabbing onto my arms to steady me since he almost knocked me over.

I nodded as I quickly ate some cereal and brushed my teeth.

"You ready?" Chris asked our dad as he grabbed our keys.

"Yeah, Taylor come on!" He screamed through the house. Taylor appeared s minute later and nodded before we a piled into my dads car as he drove us to school.





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