Jonghyun woke up to the sound of gentle snoring. It was Kim Kibum - Key - sleeping on the bunkbed below him. The rest of SHINee had training and rehearsals for Internet War later; he'd have to wake Key soon. But for now, Key could enjoy his lie in.

Jonghyun swung his legs over the side of his bed and climbed down the ladder as quietly as he could. He couldn't bring himself to wake his Key just yet.

He wrapped a sweater around his bare shoulders and stood in the middle of the cramped room - not wanting to leave Key, but not sure what to do with himself. He had agreed to share a bedroom with Key, even though Key prefered the smaller bedrooms. Taemin had requested to share with Minho, and Onew had his own room. He never complained though, Jonghyun supposed that Onew liked the fact that he didn't get yelled at for being untidy.

Jonghyun kneeled down in front of Key and brushed a piece of his pinkie-blonde hair away from his face. Key mumbled in his sleep and turned over to face the wall. Jonghyun smiled sadly and got to his feet - Key would never know how he felt.


"Do you want some hot chocolate, Min?" Taemin asked his boyfriend sweetly and Minho sniggered.

"Sorry?" I didn't quite catch that, Taeminnie," Minho teased, encouraging Taemin to say it again.

"Do you want some hawt chocowhet?" he repeated and Minho burst into hysterics.

Taemin blushed, "What?" he questioned, feeling embarrassed.

"Oh, Maknae," Minho sighed, climbing across the beds that they had pushed together. He grabbed his Taemin and pulled him over. Taemin giggled and flipped Minho around so that Minho was on his back and Taemin's legs were straddling his waist.

"I love you," Taemin murmured into Minho's neck, savouring the calmness and sincerity of the moment.

Taemin leaned over and added another hicky to the evergrowing collection on Minho's neck. They were so obvious that Minho had resorted to wearing scarves whenever he went outside.

"Mm, Taemin, get off and go make me so 'hawt chocowhet'", he mimicked Taemin's accent from earlier and Taemin could once again feel the heat rising to his cheeks.

"Shut up," he joked and hit Minho playfully before giving him a short and gentle kiss, then proceeding to disappear into the kitchen, leaving a love-struck Minho smiling profoundly.

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