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"Y'all ever just be thinking and be like, 'my life is really fucked up' ?" Nelly said then laughed

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"Y'all ever just be thinking and be like, 'my life is really fucked up' ?" Nelly said then laughed.

"This nigga just laughed like it's funny." Mir mumbled making him laugh harder.

They was all sitting in the living room of the new house they was assigned to. It was weird as fuck without Pooter around though. Nalea been going through it.

"What we gon do when this over ?" Neveah asked and they looked at her like she was slow.

"We gon be living in mansions fuck you talkin bout." Nelly said geeked.

"Okay but-" Neveah started but stopped when Nelly got a phone call.

Nelly picked his phone up and answered it, putting it on speaker.

"Waddup, Nelson." He heard bossman's voice and everybody looked at the phone confused.

"I knew y'all ugly asses was still gon find a way to get a phone. This new generation and these damn phones." He sighed making them smack their teeth.

"What I called for is cause y'all can go home for christmas. Y'all just gotta be back on the road before new years." He said making them all look at each other, geeked as hell.

"You fucking with us?" Nelly asked.

"Y'all can stay on the damn road." Bossman said making them laugh.

"Thank you, B. You the best." Nelly said and Bossman hung up.

"Y'all wanna leave now or tonight?" Loyal asked.

"Right now." Everyone said together and they all got up and headed out the door.

"Back to Houston, here we come." Nelly mumbled.


They made it back to Houston and Neveah was the first one to get out the car since her house was the closest.

She noticed that they had got the house fixed, it looked nice. She just wasn't ready to go in.

She took a deep breath then knocked on the door. The door instantly swung open with a stressed-looking Leslie.

She looked at Neveah for a good 5 seconds then pulled her in the house while closing the door behind you.

"Neveah, where the hell have you been for the past what? 2 months?" Leslie instantly questioned her.

"I needed to get away from y'all so I went out of town with some friends." Neveah shrugged sitting on the couch.

"What damn friends? You don't have friends." Leslie said looking at Neveah dead in her eyes. "You better be lucky your dad isn't here."

"You not leaving this house again until you're 18. Go to your damn room." She said making Neveah look at her with her eyes scrunched, but not say anything.

She just took her stuff and went to her room.

I should set this motherfucka on fire again. She thought then took her pills.

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"I needa nap."


short chapter huh? yea ik .

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