Chapter 10

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Savannah stood up abruptly. She had distinctly heard every last syllable. She hastened to the front door, ‘thank you for supper,’ she murmured, not looking at Ross.

He hovered at the door, inches from where she stood on edge. ‘I could come back,’ he murmured huskily.

‘Are you insane!’

Ross heaved a heavy sigh. He walked out without a backward glance. Savannah stood there mentally going over every second of the last hour. Their meal. Their delicious, sensuous dessert. Ross’s lips on hers. The kiss. Finally, he’d kissed her. It was heavenly, earth shattering, erotic, indescribable actually. But ___ he could never belong to her. To think she had actually contemplated making love with him! Why am I so stupid? How did I allow that to happen?

Ross slammed his fist on the dash board as he got into it. Sweet Savannah, he had always known she would taste, luscious, delectable. The thought of Raquel left a bitter taste in his mouth. He could not see her again. Infact after only one brief, magical kiss, he did not want to see any other woman again. He would do the gentlemanly thing. Collect her from the airport. Courteously drop her of at her plush apartment and end their relationship. He wanted Savannah and he meant to have her. Clearly she had been incensed by the phone call and she had every right to be. No doubt the mood had been broken when she’d been distracted by the ringing. Ross had ignored it. But it was inane; Savannah had already withdrawn away from him.

On Monday morning, Savannah sat on edge at her desk awaiting Ross’s arrival into the office. She did not know how, should she react to him this morning. Should she smile and greet him? Should she pretend like that amazing, thrilling, erotic, mind boggling kiss never happened. How was Ross going to react?

Clearly if he left to fetch Raquel, she meant nothing to him. “I did not feel like eating alone.” She was just an available petit-gâteau… past time, Savannah silently reminded herself, whilst his lover was out of town. She would never be good enough for Ross Templeton. Now that his sexy, world famous lover was back home, he did not need her anymore. He had not declined to collect Raquel from the airport. Though he did have the audacity to suggest ___ when he finished enjoying sex with Raquel, then he could come back and finish what they’d started. The nerve of the man, how dare he be so disgustingly presumptuous?

Savannah did not want to be sitting at her desk when Ross arrived. Neither did she want to leave her office. She could not have him assuming she’d taken any liberties, just because their working relationship had altered just a tad.

Savannah contemplated leaving his coffee in his office; he was due in any second now. What if he arrived late? What if he’s still in bed wrapped up around the curvaceous body of his sultry love? A sharp jolt pierced her in the depths of her tummy. She should not be jealous of any woman in Ross’s life, what right did she have to be jealous? She had no claim on him. Her only role was to manage his office, period!

‘Morning Savannah.’

She stilled. Her shoulders stood rigidly. She was at the copier. She did not turn around to look at him. His voice sounded warm, tender, conversational. She just knew he was still standing in front of her desk. He wanted her to turn around, but she stubbornly remained where she was with her back to him and her head bowed.

‘Morning,’ she murmured, not looking up.

‘Look at me Savannah,’ it was not a command, but soft, gentle.

‘Please go to your office.’

Ross inhaled heavily, fury building inside him. Not at Savannah but ….circumstances in his life. He had been so excited to come to work, to see her strikingly adorable face. He’d wanted to look into her brown smoky eyes and tell her that he’d broken up with Raquel. That he’d picked her up and expressly escorted her to her front door and had promptly left. He’d wanted to tell Savannah that she was the only woman he wanted in his life…at this moment, but clearly she was not interested.

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