Chapter 1 - The Omega

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Illuminy's POV

"GET DOWN HERE, OMEGA" I heard my alpha yell.

It must be time for breakfast. I look at the rusty analogue clock that sits on the yellow wall above the basement door. It was 8 o'clock. I was supposed to be up four hours ago. Breakfast was supposed to be served. I was in for the beating of my life.

I quickly rushed to the molding door and pushed it open. My bare feet padded against the ground lightly as I quickly and quietly make my way to the end of the hall. Once I was at the elevator door, I pressed the up button and rushed inside.

I wasn't sure how much of a beating I could take today. The bruises and cuts that I had gotten yesterday for tripping over myself were still throbbing. My head was pounding from the lack of sleep and my eyes were starting to droop. It would probably take me a lot less time to black out. That was good.

When I heard the elevator ping, I jumped slightly. The doors opened and what felt like every pack member, was looking at me.

"WHERE IS BREAKFAST?" My alpha screamed at me.

I looked down towards the floor. I was embarrassed. Not only was I in a dirty old men's shirt, I was bear foot, my hair was a mess, my bruises where all showing and the alpha was screaming at me.

"I-I woke up late," I said quietly and looking down at my feet. I was hoping that I didn't have to repeat my self.

"You woke up.... late?" the alpha said with a hint of anger in his voice.

I nodded silently and waited. I was waiting for him to hit me. I was waiting for them all to start beating me.

"Alpha, we are under attack"

I looked up to find that a pack warrior was to the side of the room puffing loudly.

"WHAT" Alpha yelled, "Get the women and children to the safe room, all men are to shift and go to where we are being attack"

As soon as the alpha had stopped talking, everyone was in a rush. People where rushing around me trying to get women and children into the elevator. I started to back up so that I could get into the back of the elevator.

However, before I got very far I was pushed all the way out. I landed flat on my face and even though we were in a life or death situation, they still laughed. As the elevator started to close, I started to get up. I started back towards the elevator, hoping that they would take pity on me and let me in. No such luck. The doors where closed and I was the only one left in the dinning room.

I could hear the screams of pain and the howls of wolves from outside. I could hear the pleading of women as they begged for the child's life. That means that the attackers had somehow gotten into the house and gotten to the women and children. Whoever these people were, they were evil. They were going to kill us all.

I have decided that cornering myself would be a bad idea, that would give the wolves even more of a chance at killing me. So, here I am, under the table listening for any movement towards the dinning room.

After about fifteen minutes of not hearing anything, I start to see a dot of hope. Maybe they decided that they were going to stay outside of the house. But, they were already in the house. I was so confused. Why wouldn't they do a house sweep?

Suddenly, the dot of hope was gone as I hear footsteps running towards the dining room.

"Alpha, if you want, I can search the house while you and Beta go outside and check on the fight" I heard a voice suggest.

Please say yes; please say yes, the less people to try to get past the better.

"No, incase there is anyone in here I would prefer if use three stayed together" another voice replied.

The voice was gruff and held so much power. I found myself wrapping my arms around my knees to form a small ball. The voice was scary, strangely comforting at the same time, but more scary than anything.

All of a sudden, I could see three pairs of feet. My eyes were drawn to the ones in the middle. They were black combat boots. They were covered in mud and blood. My eyes widened at the sight of them.

I put my head onto of my knees and waited for them to sniff me out. They were definitely going to find me. I hadn't had a shower in years. I reeked and my pack made sure that I knew that.

"Wait" The man in the middle said.

He started sniffing the air and I knew that this was when my life was about to end. His boots where coming closer and closer to the table and before I knew it his dirty shoes where at the edge of it. He started to crouch down and I held my breath.

When I saw his face I was started. He had the most beautiful face I had ever seen in my life. His green eyes searched my blue ones frantically.

"Mate" He whispered.

I know that it's short, other chapters won't be as short as this one. Thanks for reading :)

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