april 21, 2020, 9:04am

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There was a Halloween sign that was just two ovals side by side and the one on the left said "there up" and the one on the right said "down hear" and this is completely irrelevant aside from the fact that the receptionist chased me out when I questioned it.

So I ran outside and ended up at a farmers market where I punched a kid from my math class. Then I got a Snapchat from someone I went to elementary school with and when I looked up the kid was standing right there and there were a ton of kids I used to know and for some reason all of them had brought their cats to the farmers market.

We all started running at once and jumped into a hole in the ground and then all of a sudden we were separated and I don't know how I knew but I was being chased and I had to crawl through a ton of plants on my stomach and scoot away from the person chasing me and once I got out of the plants I saw a puddle. I jumped in and it took me to another weird world. Except this time I was the kid from the farmers market who sent me a Snapchat and I was running from whoever was chasing me and I had to climb down into the storm drain to get away. It was like a weird game, there was a new level every time I survived one.

The next level I was me again and I was with Talia and we were on the side of a mountain and I was complaining about the fog and she said you only see the fog if you're upset, and the more you freak out the harder it is to see. She said Sophie told her. So then we got out – I don't remember how – and we respawned in a mall on top of an escalator and we started running and survived by diving face-first into the penny fountain from the third floor. This sort of thing happened several times, but after the shopping mall it was all with Talia and it was a ton of different spaces but mostly huge buildings that should have had a lot of people but instead were dark and empty and weird.

At one point we spawned in the forest and in the trees there were random feathers sticking out so we looked to our left and there was a group of birds marching in a perfect circle around a fire. Then Talia took off running and I followed her, and in this one we both fell a lot because we suddenly sucked at what we had been doing the whole dream.

This was the only time I ever saw who was chasing us. He looked like Shaggy from the live-action Scooby Doo, and he had a knife and I kept falling and he kept just missing me because I guess all of us were bad at everything in this level. He was about to kill me and Talia stabbed him in the top of the head several times and saved me. Then we went back and realised we had to kick the birds from their stupid circle so we did that and then jumped off a waterfall, and we spawned on an escalator again, except this time there was really loud carnival music the whole time and the weirdest part was that now we were Shaggy and Scooby. I don't know who was who, but my alarm went off after we got thrown in a swimming pool.

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