This was requested by me LOL


Sherlock joined the chatroom 

ScarCumberbatch joined the chatroom 

ScarCumberbatch- Hey Sherlock, nice of me to catch you.

Sherlock- How can you catch me, I am not a play thing.

ScarCumberbatch- It is a figure of speech.... Never mind. So just though I would interview you... Just some general things. So, What do you think of my books so far?

Sherlock- They are incredibly false, but good. So yeh... I even know whats going to happen in His Secret Service, he will........

ScarCumberbatch- I think that's enough of that question.... Um, how do you feel about the way I am writing about you?

Sherlock- I think it is overrated, as I never act this way. And I AM NOT EXACTLY SCARED OF DOGS. Just not fond of them.

ScarCumberbatch- What about RedBeard?

Sherlock- No-one has a red beard that is absurd.

ScarCumberbatch- ok.... Will you invite me to one of you crime scenes, so I can deduce?

Sherlock- Yes, and then I can decide whether I want to keep you or not.... 

ScarCumberbatch- Well, I won't be their forever, as I have school, but I can if you want....

Sherlock- I must go, just on my website Science Of Deduction, if you have any queries. Good night

Sherlock left the chatroom 

ScarCumberbatch left the chatroom 


Forgive me, but I was bored lol, XD 

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