The hero who cares!

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I lost everything. My home, my family and my dream. I had nothing left but the small thing I packed before I ran. I had only some necessities in it like some cloths a blanket a small travel cushion and also my water bottle that I always had in my room.

It only took one week after I escaped the police for them to stop searching for a missing kid.

I am quirkless after all!

What did I even expect?!

It's not like the world will care for me at all!

I could even die and no one would care!

What fine heroes they are!

I was still somewhat happy about it. It made my life a lot easier if no one know who I was.

Thanks to that pickpocketing and going around steeling some stuff was very easy. The first time I stole something was because I was completely hungry and out for 2 weeks without any food. It was not hard doing it but my conscious told me not to do it and so I tried alternatives like begging for money or specifically food but no one cared for a homeless boy.

I hated stealing from people I didn't know and so I tried to at least stalk the people in order to find out if they really were reach and not pretending, they were just to fit in the society.

Thanks to I living on the street, my hair was now completely dark covered in mud and dust. I was also covered in bruised and had some cuts because of territorial fights. I tried not to pick them but it can't be helped sometimes. It's not like I had another choice. In the end it was live a life on the streets or die a quirkless death by some adoptive parents or the orphanage.

I was not dumb thinking I had any other way. I knew how things were for quirkless people and my mom was an exception. Without her and being on my own, I was as good as death. I could immediately challenge my luck on the streets and even have better chances in surviving! The probability of not dying was still higher than being in an orphanage. That was an equal to a death sentence after all.

I never wanted to be here!

Why can't they let me in peace?!

This place doesn't belong to anyone!

I could have just left!

All they needed to do was ask!

But no!

They had to come at me with all they got!

I can pull up my own share of fight but...

There was absolutely no need for a fucking knife!

What the fuck man!

Live or Die huh...

I guess this is my end now...

Mom, I will soon join you!

I had lost this fight the moment one pulled out a gun and another manage to land a fatal wound with the knife on me. This fight was useless. A quirkless kid whose only good point was his brain and the survival skills he managed to learn. Yeah, what a great fair fight! It was an unnecessary one too. This place I came across already belong to someone. It's not like they had their fucking name written all over the place! Thanks to that I lost everything I had from my past life.

The streets were still somewhat a mystery to me.

Did I know that the alley belongs to a gang?


I wouldn't even laid down there if I knew that in the first place.




I never wanted this!

All I ever wanted was a good life!


First, they tell me I am a waste of space, an abomination of nature.

Then a hero tells me basically to just go and die already by crushing my dream.

As if that was not enough, my mom then dies the same day?!


Me: Screw the heroes I am done with them!

I somehow managed to escape the gang while they attacked me. However, they managed to wound me terribly and so I was leaning against the next best wall in an alley after I got rid of them.

Blood was covering the pavement and no one cared about it.

???: Kid, you okay?

I had my eyes closed as I was thinking about everything. Now that I was no longer alone, I opened my eyes and saw Eraserhead in front of me. He was crouching there looking at me.


Did he hear me?

Of course, he fucking did!

Ah I don't care!

It's not even important!

Heroes are heroes they are all the same!

Eraserhead: Can you even hear me?

Me: Mind your own business Eraserhead! I don't need a hero's help!

I didn't care if I was polite or not. I just had enough of everything. It even felt like my whole life was a joke to God and life itself.

The moment I said his name I could see his eyes growing wide for a very short time.

Me: Yes, I know you. You are the underground hero Eraserhead with a quirk named Erasure.

Eraserhead: ...

Me: Now screw off and let me rethink my life choices!

Eraserhead: I don't know how you know me but you are clearly injured kid.

Me: And that is clearly not your problem now, is it?

Eraserhead: As you said, I am a hero. Let me at least have a look at you wounds if you don't want me to call an ambulance.

Me: Don't you dare touch me!

I made my point very clearly. It was obvious that I didn't wanted any help at all. The moment he reached out to me I slapped his hand away.

I don't need a hero!

They abandoned me my whole life!

There is no need for one now!

I slowly began standing up. The stab wound I had on the side of my stomach was not making anything easy on me. However, I just ignored the pain and began walking away. It only took me to get out of the alley and walk towards a random direction to find the hero following me.

Me: Why are you following me?

Eraserhead: And who said I don't need to go in the same direction?

Me: Whatever!

I ignored the pain from the wound as well as the feeling I got from all the injuries too. It was not long that I became lightheaded and needed the wall in order to still be able to walk. In all that time, the hero was following me. He didn't say one thing and was holding his distance to me too.

A couple of streets further and I collapsed completely. I was now heavily breathing and I could see some black dots in my vision.

Eraserhead: I am impressed you could even come so far with such a wound.

That was all I heard before blacking out completely.

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