15. Is It Ending?

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On the next day I woke up earlier than Sauli did. He was still wrapped in my arms and his head was slightly pressed against my chest. A tired smile found its way to my lips, being amazed at how cute Sauli was. What better way to wake up on a lazy Sunday morning?

I lifted my head a little bit so I was able to look at him, trying to be as careful and quiet as possible since I didn’t want to wake him up yet. He was so peaceful.

I supported my head with my hand, holding me up with my arm which I placed on the pillow I watched him snoozing so silently, I swear I could’ve done that forever.

Ten minutes of me watching him sleep went by when he suddenly moved, blinking a few times and then finally opening his eyes, rubbing them with the back of his hands. Then he smiled at me, biting the bottom of his lips.

“Good morning, beautiful.” I whispered and smiled back.

“Good morning.” He whispered back, lifting his head. I pulled him closer by placing my hand on his neck and giving him a quick kiss on his lips.

Our bodies were glued together of the sweat that surrounded us from the night before and it kind of felt uncomfortable, so Sauli tried to sat up. When I noticed that Sauli wanted to get up, I just tightened the grip around him, not wanting to let go yet.

“Adam.” He mumbled when I squeezed my eyes shut. “We have to get up now, look at us.” he added, looking at our bodies that were not only glued together, but also glued to the sheets beneath us.

“No.” I shook my head after I opened my eyes. “Not yet.” I barely managed to get out.

I just tightened my grip around him more when he tried to push away. He was so adorable. But then I let go and he immediately sat up. I pressed my eyes together again, with a smile on my lips that spread from ear to ear. I didn’t care about the mess that was my bed now, all I cared about was his presence. A few minutes of silence passed when Sauli suddenly let out a sigh and rested his head on my chest again, wrapping one arm and one leg around me. My arms were around him once more too when I kissed into his messy hair.

“Adam, by the way…” Sauli started and trailed off for a second. “My ass hurts like hell.” He said and I couldn’t help but let chuckles leave my throat.

“Sorry not sorry.” I breathed out between chuckles and kissed his head once more when he lifted his head to face me again, leaning towards me and crashing his lips against mine.

My hands were running through his blonde locks when he was on top of me. And even though he started kissing me, I was the one who took lead again and deepened the kiss by shoving my tongue into his mouth.

A few more hours passed when we finally managed to get up and get dressed. Then we just sat  in my kitchen again, eating breakfast and talking about anything until I changed the subject.

“By the way, a friend is going to come over soon.” I said and glared at him while eating up.

Sauli raised an eyebrow. “So I have to leave until then?” He asked.

“No.” I shook my head. “That’s just what I wanted to tell you. He knows about all of this.” I mumbled, not knowing how he would react. “He is my best friend and I can trust him, that’s why I told him.” I added immediately.

“Are you sure?” He asked, putting his knife back on his plate. “I mean, if he tells anyone… you know we would be screwed.” He wasn’t sure about that. That wasn’t only noticeable because of his voice, but also because of the face he gave me.

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