How to start a wedding planner business

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If you like to organize and take care of the details in the activities, summon the guests, select the buffet, the colors of the decoration and the cake, then undertaking wedding planning would be the ideal business for you.

Remember that in this job you will be very closely with the couple and help them determine what they really want and what their best options are. Below we detail how you can start to undertake in this type of business:

1- Make a relationship with the providers . This means making direct contact with the people who supply the weddings, for example: photographers, florists, suit rental stores, makeup artists, stylists, confectioners, invitation designers, printers, caterers, event rooms, etc. It is important that you have several options, to present them to clients according to their budget and their taste.

2- Get trained. Even if you are only going to work as an intermediary between the suppliers and the bride and groom, you must be aware of what is in fashion and have extensive knowledge of every detail. Take courses, either online or in person, on protocol and event setup.

3- Subscribe to wedding magazines. Continuously reading and watching wedding trends will give you new ideas and keep you up to date on what's going on both at ceremonies and at receptions.

4- It belongs to the wedding associations. This will give you prestige, it will make you known and it will allow you to make relationships. The more people you know from your own field, the more recommendations you can receive.

5- Join colleagues . In the beginning, you will need the help and recommendations of the most experienced, so talk to an expert in the field to serve as a mentor. If possible, work the first few events hand in hand with that person.


The figure of the wedding planner emerged in the 1950s in the United States

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The figure of the wedding planner emerged in the 1950s in the United States . In its beginnings it was linked to women and their insertion into working life. Gradually, the phenomenon of organizing weddings through a professional was gaining popularity. In this way, being a wedding planner became a well-established professional career today. Over the years, the business was conquering the European and Latin American markets . So today starting a wedding planner business is possible in much of the world.

Although the number of marriages has always been exposed to ups and downs in figures, in recent times there seems to be stability in the sector. In addition, resorting to the services of professionals for the organization of weddings has been in crescendo . Being a wedding planner becomes a business opportunity with a lot of future perspective.

If you want to know how to be a wedding planner , in this article you will learn about what makes a wedding planner, what to study to become one and how to start your own business. Take note!

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