Chapter 13

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"Your not supposed to go down there."

I look behind me and it was Payton. I sigh and look at her then I turn around. I put on my beats and I closed the door behind me.

I felt someone behind and I turn around. It was her. "Go." I said harshly. She didn't listen and I put my beats around my neck.

I start walking to her with a glare on my face.

She slowly went back up the stairs as I walked towards her. "You'll get in trouble Quinn." She said at the top of the stairs. "No I won't." I said and I closed the door behind me.

I walked back downstairs and into the shooting range.

I was a hand gun. I go to the target and began shooting. I straight in the middle. Not once I missed the hold I was shooting at.

After I was done playing with the guns I decide to move with the knife. There were different shapes of the knifes. I was a chrome knife. It was sharp because I cut my finger but it was to bad.

I threw it at the target and it hit the edge of the yellow circle. I threw another one and it stood beside the one I threw before. In the middle.

As I was about to throw the third knife I saw a bow in the corner of my eye. I threw the knife at the target.

I walked over the bow. It hung as a display like it was showing off it's beauty.

I grabbed the bow and ran my fingers across it. I could feel the carving under my finger tip as the design of a vain wrapped around the bow.

I grab the arrow and bow. I head to the target and I place the arrow in it's position. I released the arrow but not at the target.

"Ouch!" I hear someone yelp. I look and saw it was Matteo. I raised my eyebrow at him.

I put another arrow in its place and I release but at the target and not Matteo. "Um your friends are about to leave. They have to go home after what happen for precaution." Matteo said. I nodded and I set the things down.

I run upstairs and I see my friends there. I said good bye. "Bye Zane." I gave him a hug and before he was about to leave he look at my brothers and gave me a quick kiss. I stood there shock as he ran away from my brothers.

"Quinn go take a shower." Lijah grumbled. I laughed and wiggled my eyebrows as I went upstairs. He threw a sandal and I laughed even more.

I quickly took a shower and I changed into a tank top and some sweatpants. I went back downstairs and I went downstairs and into the kitchen.

I made myself a few sandwiches but the Rose -our cook/maid- insisted that she will make them for me but I refused. "Quinn come to the living room." I hear Xavier yell. I took my three sandwiches into the living room with me.

I was on my phone and chewing on my sandwich and I sat on the recliner. I hear someone cough and I look up. "Quinn." Zander said in a very 'what the hell' voice. "What?" I said and took a bite at my sandwich. Matteo was trying not to laugh and the rest well glared at me neck. Shit! My neck!  I gave them a sheepishly smile. "We went paint balling." I said, putting my hand on my neck.

"Mhm. Anyways Payton we need to tell you something." Lijah said very seriously. "Is it about the mafia?" I whispered to Xavier. He nodded. "Damn." I said a bit to loudly.

"Okay what is it about?" Payton said nervously. I smiled and kept eating my sandwich. I saw Xavier eye my sandwich. I gave him one of my other one and he took it. "It's about the family business." Zander said. "Does Quinn know?" Payton asked. "Nooo." I said sarcastically. I rolled my eyes and continued eating.

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