Chapter 10

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I woke up on a Sunday morning to my mom's blue eyes. I wanted to shriek, but managed to reduced it to a gasp instead.
"Mom? You gave me a heart attack. What are you doing here?" I said sleepily.
"We have to talk, Kris." Mom said.
I didn't know what would happen, I was pretty nervous. I sat up.
"You have been acting so suspiciously, Kris." What?
"Suspicious?" I asked
"We rarely saw you these days, even after school. You came home only late at night. What have you been doing? Where have you been going, Kris?"
"I was at Ken's." I said. My parents and Ken's parents are good friends. Ken's parents travel all the time which left the house to Ken most of the time.
"What were you doing at Ken's all the time?" Mom asked. How should I answer this question?
Mom gasped "You guys are together?" I nodded slightly when mom continued "How long? Why didnt you tell me? Have you two became a thing yet?" What? The eff?
"NO. Mom, No. We were just hanging out." i said. I couldnt believe i was really having this conversation with my mom. I dont know if mom looked relieved or sad at my denial to her question.
"Alright then, I just want you to behave better than this. Don't let me know that you neglected study because of this romance thing." Mom walked out of the room but stopped at the doorway and said "I am glad you and Ken are together, Kris. Ken is a good boy. But you have to come home more often or you have to face your dad yourself." Mom said throwing me an apologetic smile. My dad is a lawyer, well he is a good dad but he is also the most annoying dad in this whole universe, with the whining, the lecturing, the examples etcetera. But still I was glad my mom approved of me and Ken.
"Yes, ma'am" I waved my hand over to my forehead. Mom shaked her head and smiled.

I cant believe mom thought i'd do something like that. But have i been acting that carelessly? I stayed with Ken all the time that I didnt study nor read any book. Three weeks and i've only read 30 pages. I couldnt let this go on.

Ken was busy this afternoon. He had band practice. So i took the chance to study instead.

I missed him already. I have covered 3/4 of my notes when my phone beeps. I got a message from Ken that said "come over babe. It's so boring here. @ Ben's apartment". I rushed to change my pajamas to a gray sweatshirt and ripped-knee jeans. I combed my hair just to made it messy and fell freely again. I drove my Mini Cooper to Ben's apartment in 5 minutes exactly. Ben's room is on the 3rd floor.
I rang the bell when I arrived. 2 minutes passed before the door was opened. Ben's face came into view.
"Hey" he said before tilting his head inside and shouted "It's Kris." to someone in there.
"Your boyfriend is a lazy arse. Come in" He said to me this time. I grinned.
Ben's apartment is covered with pizza leftover and papers. Then I saw 'my boyfriend' on the sofa with a pen in his hand. In the corner of the room were Donna and James kissing furiously. I turned back to Ken. Ken was staring at me and he opened his arm wide for me to--
"Hmm Hmm...I don't want another disgusting love scene here." He shot a nasty glare toward James and Donna. Ken mouthed 'asshole' to Ben while I blushed. I was not used to being Ken's girlfriend in front of them yet. Ben threw an eraser that hit James's head, causing James and Donna to broke apart. Donna flushed when she noticed me staring while James looked angry with the interruption. They said 'Hi' to me then continued to working on their new song.

I was checking there finished works when someone knocked on the door. Ben made James to open the door this time. And standing in the door way was Katy.

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