The story starts laying in the dark with someone new

I'm feeling tired from all the time I spent on you

But I know I'm strong from all the trouble I've been through

The story starts where the story falls apart with you

Don't lie, bright eyes

Is it me that you see when you fall asleep?

Cause I know it's you I dream about every night

Giving me a feeling like

Love in the summer

Way I've never felt with another

Don't lie, bright eyes

Is it me that you see?

Tell me I'm not dreaming alone

(Dreaming Alone - Against The Current & Taka ONE OK ROCK)



hai! aku lagi nyoba-nyoba bikin teenfic hehe. dulu pernah bikin judulnya strains of melody yang dihapus karena berbagai pertimbangan, adakah yang inget? kayanya ngga ada wkwk. ini mirip sama strains of melody tapi beda. 

chapter pertama dipost setelah uts c:


(btw aku tahu ini udah tamat tapi ga ada salahnya dong ngasih vomments :p)

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