Chapter | 5

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Warning: *insert copy pasted Lenny face*
Oreo growing up hehe

Kitty-chan - in translation, Oreo basically called Shen Neko-chan, which is a reference to Japanese LGBTQ term Neko which means....

that night,

"But now," Both Kelvin and Shen face each other and scream onto their mics, "There's NOOOOO WHERE TO HIDEEE when you push my love aSIDEEEE!"

Kelvin was already drunk while a sober Shen only drank in small amounts yet was having too much fun not to do this with him. Shen laughs wholesomely as they both scream out, "... I'm out of my head, hopelessly DEVOTEEEED to YOUUUU!"

Mahiro is cringing on the other seat because the two don't actually have a good singing voice, but it's nice since the boys are having fun. Kelvin sets his hands on Shen since he needs support, and the boy just laughs at him.

"You okay?!" Shen cackles. Kelvin lays back, complaining about Japanese beer and how it's killing him. Shen does his best to English even when he's in a fit of giggles, "Sake very good! Good, right?!"

Mahiro walks towards his drunken friend, "Kelvin, hold on! You can't be embarrassing yourself like this, brother! Ahh, hold on Shen, I'm going to find Adan for a bit, okay?"

Shen nods as Mahiro leaves. Upon his exit, Kelvin shoots up and once again lays a hand on Shen for support. "Hey, pretty boy... I wanna show you something..."

"You okay, Kelvin?" Shen is still laughing because the other man looks barely awake and functioning.

"Wait, I'm gonna show you something really, really nice... I'm a magician, you know?"

"Nice? Magician?" A giggling Shen leans closer because Kelvin does as well, as if trying to hide this trick from Mahiro. Wow, Kelvin is a magician? That's such a cool hobby!

"Yes, yes look..." Kelvin snickers, now holding Shen by the neck and holding him close. Then, between them he snaps his fingers...

... and an ice shard appears, glowing between them among the dark disco lights. Shen gasps, half shocked and half amazed at this certain trick. It was a beautiful white glass-like crystal that emitted smoke. It was mesmerizing, and beautiful.

"W-wow... how you do that?" Shen wonders what kind of magic trick...

Kelvin smiles widely at him, before the light of the crystal died down and it becomes an ordinary resin-like stone. He puts it in Shen's hand, still grinning as the boy was still amazed. Kelvin puts his finger against his own lips, "Don't tell anyone, okay? Don't tell a magician's secret."

Shen copies with the words he understands, "D-don't tell..."

Kelvin admires Shen's curiosity while looking at the stone. It seemed to be worth revealing a secret for. Shen looks up at him with that glow in his eyes. Kelvin has a look on his face that seemed to indicate temptation, about to do something rash when suddenly, Mahiro came in.

Kelvin lies back down yet again, screaming the current song. Shen instinctively hides the crystal in his pocket to protect the magician's secret.

"Ahh Shen-chan, I'll take care of Kelvin, don't worry!" Mahiro cheerfully says, "Why don't you go with Adan to buy Kelvin's meds? I'm afraid he'll get lost in the streets. I could go with him, but I don't think you should be taking care of a big drunk guy."

"Meds?" Shen looks worried at Kelvin, then Adan. "Why, what does he need meds for?"

"He has ADHD, and he forgot to pack his whole set when coming here," Mahiro answers, going over to where the drunk lays and smacking him in the head. "Don't fall asleep yet, Vinnie!"

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