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Don't ever settle for second best.

Natalie Turner constantly tells her daughter, Amber, that. In addition to, no boy is allowed to touch her without her consent. However, she had a teenage daughter at the age of 32, which added to her stress. She had to grow up faster than she planned. The fact that she got pregnant at the age of 18 wasn't easy. It wasn't easy for her to graduate medical school or to be a surgeon. Nothing was simple. But she managed to pull it off. Everything worked out perfectly.


Don't ever settle for second best.

Natalie did get married, shortly after she found out she was pregnant. Isaac Harris, her high school sweetheart and the father of her daughter. At first, everything seemed to be working perfectly. Their parents supported them much in raising Amber so that they could both pursue their educations. They loved each other, up until the point they didn't, not anymore. When the fighting began a year ago, everything changed. Their daily lives were no longer the same. Natalie had completed her fellowship and had begun working as the head of her department as a cardiothoracic surgeon. And Isaac was an engineer; he worked less hours, but Natalie was not at home when he was.

And then one night Amber was staying over at her best friend's house. Natalie had a late surgery, but when it got cancelled when the patient died, she decided that it was time to make up for the lost time with Isaac. She knew that they deserved more time, to remember how it was to love each other. She wasn't the one to give up on the people she loved. Se fought again and again and she forgave so much. But Isaac had turned into someone unforgivable.

He wasn't alone when she returned home...

Natalie saw everything. She saw clothes all over her house, she saw her husband kissing a stranger, she saw another woman on her bed. And her heart shuttered. And right in that moment she hated him with all her heart. 

But she somehow settled for second best. Because she did not deserve a cheating husband. She had to settle for second best since she didn't want her daughter to witness them getting divorced. She didn't want that to be a blemish on her life. 

Up until it happened again. And it wasn't a stranger any longer; it was her very best friend. It was her dearest friend, a person she had known since childhood. She had been sleeping with her husband on several occasions. It had been months. People let you down, they break you, they don't stop until you are crawled down on the ground.

Natalie was broken, but she would never crawl on the ground for everyone. Not when her only priority was her daughter. 

So she stopped settling for second best. All she needed was one phone call and she was done. Her marriage was over. A new chapter had began. It was just her and Amber.

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