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Don't ever settle for second best.

That's something Natalie Turner says to her daughter, Amber, a lot. Along with how no boy is allowed to touch her without getting her consent. But that came along with the fact that she had a teenage daughter at the age of 32. She had to be an adult faster than she wanted to. The fact that she got pregnant at the age of 18 wasn't something easy. It certainly wasn't easy when she wanted to finish med school or when she decided that she wasn't be a surgeon. Nothing was easy. But she somehow managed. Everything worked out. 


Don't ever settle for second best.

Natalie got married, shortly after she found out she was pregnant. Isaac Harris, the father of her daughter, her high school sweetheart. Everything was great at first. Their parents helped a lot with raising Amber, so both of them could continue their studies. They loved each other, up until the point they didn't, not anymore. Everything went down a year ago, when the fights started. Their everyday life was not the same anymore. Natalie had finished her fellowship and had started working as a cardiothoracic surgeon, the head of her department. And Isaac was an engineer, he was working less hours but when he was at home Natalie wasn't. 

 And then one night Amber was staying over at her best friend's house, Natalie had a late surgery, but when it got cancelled when the patient died, she decided that it was time to make up for the lost time with Isaac. She knew that they deserved more time, to remember how it was to love each other. But Isaac wasn't alone...

And Natalie saw everything. She saw clothes all over her house, she saw her husband kissing a stranger, she saw another woman on her bed. And her heart shuttered. And right in that moment she hated him with all her heart. 

But she somehow settle for second best. Because a cheater husband was not what she deserved. She settle for second best because she didn't want her daughter to have to go through them getting a divorce. She didn't want to scar her life with that. But few days ago it happened again. And now it wasn't a stranger it was her very best friend. It was her best friend, a girl she grew up with. She had been sleeping with her husband and it wasn't a one time thing. It was for months. 

And then Natalie stopped settling for second best. All she needed was one phone call and she was done. Her marriage was over. A new chapter had began. It was just her and Amber.

Don't ever settle for second best, because there is someone out there that will love you and respect you just like you deserve to.

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The wind was making the hair fall on her eyes that day. And Natalie tried to put her dark locks in a ponytail so she could continue driving. The drive from San Francisco to Seattle was not easy. 12 hours are not easy, but Natalie thought that Amber might  actually talk to her, because she hadn't said one word since she found out that they were moving.

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