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You wake up to see two figures standing above you.

"A-Are they awake?" the small yet adorable white and pink rabbit figure stammered. "I think they are..." The buff split-colored bear murmured. You blink at the worried words. Surprisingly, they're still there. God, what drugs am I on? "Huh... where am I?" your voice makes you flinch, clearing your throat you realise it's horribly, horribly dry.

"Oh why... that is the kill-w-ing basement!" The bear (there is a fucking bear in my room!) says. "By the way, I'm Mowokuma." the ripped bear says, extending his large arm for a handshake. You notice the red angry veins travel to his wrist, then forearm. Oh... those match his capturing eyes! Your mind betrays you for a second, giving you images of this man -bear!- trapping you with it's strengthful round, circular body. Using his arms to pin you places, many places-

"And the rabbit here is Monami-"

"K-killing basement?!" you shout. The words finally caught up in your brain. "Well it used to be..." Monami cut in unhappily.


What the fuck is happening.

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