22 - You're Adopted and He Doesn't Like You

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Luke (Age 4):

Andy and Liz had recently adopted you and Jack and Ben took well to you. Luke, on the other hand, not so much. He constantly ignored you and never played with you when you asked. Any time you talked, he rolled his eyes and tuned you out. You don't know what you did to make him mad. You were always polite around him and you never said anything bad.

You were sitting on the floor of your bedroom, playing dolls with Jack. The game took a small pause and you asked, "Jack, why does Luke hate me?" "I'm sure he doesn't hate you," Jack said, "Maybe he just isn't used to having another girl in the house. Do you wanna ask him?" You violently shook your head and said, "Then he will hate me more!" "Well, then, you do want me to ask him?" You shyly nodded, crawling into Jack's lap. You cuddled into his chest and hugged his side mumbling, "Thank you, Jack." He said, "You're welcome, Y/N," and kissed your head. Jack put you down for a nap and then went to talk to Luke.

"So, Luke, what's your problem?" Luke looked at Jack, very confused with the question he was just asked. "What do you mean, Jack?" "Y/N thinks you hate her! I asked her if she wanted to come and talk to you about it and she said that you would hate her even more! I know this was kind of spur of the moment but you could at least act like you care!" Luke sighed and rubbed his face. "She thinks I hate her?" Jack nodded. Luke went into your room, Jack trailing behind, and saw you crying, curled up in bed. "Y/N," Luke said quietly, "I really don't hate you, sweetheart. Mom did this kind of last minute and I just wasn't ready yet. Please forgive me." You peeked your head out from under the sheets and saw Luke kneeling next to your bed. You slowly crawled out and put arms around his neck. "I love you, Lukey." "I love you, too, Y/N."

Michael (Age 15):

Your mom loved to spend time with you. You guys would go see movies, get your nails done, go out to eat, and so many other things. She never had a daughter before she adopted you so she made sure to spoil you as if you were her own. Your brother, Michael, however, didn't seem to love you like your mother did. He just seemed to be annoyed by you.

He had to take you to school so you said goodbye to your mother and loaded into Michael's car. The ride was silent and you thanked him, heading into school. Apparently, he also had to pick you up. After your long day, you got back in his car and sat through another silent ride. You walked into the house and you finally spoke up, "Mike, why do you hate me?" He turned around and looked almost shocked. "I hate you?" You nodded at his statement and he brought you into his arms.

"Y/N, I've been having a lot of bad days lately. I'm so sorry that you think that but I love you so much, blood or not. You're family and I love having a little sister," Michael said, giving you a tight hug and kissing your head. "I love you too, Mikey," you said, hugging him back tighter.

Calum (Age 10):

Soccer was a passion of yours that when Joy adopted you, you shared with your family. You and Calum would play games outside all the time and after you found out Calum was in a band, you really started to like music as well. You took up guitar and you were starting to get really good. Calum was kind of annoyed by this but also somewhat flattered; he only showed the annoyed side.

You were outside, playing in your front yard, when you saw Calum stomp outside and go to his car. "Cal, what's wrong?" "Just get out of the way, Y/N. Just go back to copying my life," he said, getting into his car and driving off. You had a confused look on your face but then realized that you were doing everything he does. You decided to put the guitar in the trash and just go sit in your room. "Y/N," your mom called, "why is your guitar in the trash?" "Because Cal doesn't like me because of it," you called back. She came up to your room and asked, "Now what's all this about?" "He left mad and he told me to stop copying his life. He doesn't like me because I play guitar. I'm copying him." "Y/N, that's not why he's mad. He's just putting excuses in front of it to cover it up."

Calum came home and after talking it out, you realized that your mom was right and that he really did love you.

Ashton (Age 7):

You were adopted from birth so you didn't know actually know your parents. You were in school and kids began to talk about whether they look more like their mother or father. You took a step back and realized that you looked nothing like your parents. Ashton had also been distant lately, not really talking to you or looking at you. You just pushed the thought aside and continued on with your day.

You got home and decided you would talk to your parents about what happened today, until you heard this, "She isn't even my real sister! No one said I had to like her! Everything was fine when it was just me and Lauren and Harry." You recognized the voice as Ashton and that's when it hit you, you were adopted. You cried heavily and ran up to your room. You packed some things and ran right back out the front door, straight to Luke's house. You knocked on his front door and he let you in, wanting an explanation. You told him everything and he wrapped you in a big hug. "Y/N, I'm so sorry you found out that way. I don't know what has gotten into Ashton lately, but I promise it's nothing you did."

Ashton busted through the door and ran over to you. He reached for you but you squeezed yourself behind Luke. "Y/N, did you hear what I said?" "If you didn't like me, Ash, you could have just said so. I'm so sorry that you guys adopting me was such a burden on you. Once I tell Luke goodbye I'm gonna leave and I won't ever come home again," you said, giving Luke a hug and starting to walk out the door. Ashton slammed the door and then hugged you tight. "Y/N, I'm so sorry. I've been in such a terrible mood lately and you aren't a burden in the slightest. I'm so happy to have you in my life and I wanna know, do you wanna come on tour this summer?" You nodded excitedly at your older brother. Blood or not, you guys would love each other just the same.

Hey y'all! I'm sorry Calum's is crappy. I just couldn't think of a good ending. I'm also sorry that I haven't posted in a while! Everything is getting really hectic. I'm trying to get better! Don't forget about the contest! I'm ending it on March 30th. Don't forget to vote and leave requests! Thanks for reading! ~ Morgan xx

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