Alexa stopped to look over her shoulder.  She was only two blocks away from the “Brownstone,” as she called her flat, not finding any other word to describe it other than how it looked like from the front, its brick facade brown with age, yet fitting appropriately within the neighboring buildings that flanked it in Spitalfields.  She ran past the outdoor market, now closed for the day as the night was quickly descending, the cold wrapping around her exposed neck.

She scanned the faces around her and found no one suspicious, their attention on other things in their lives - carrying groceries for the evening’s supper or rushing home from work, oblivious of anything else but what was going on in the mundane lives they led.  Alexa ducked behind an alley between the bagel shop and a used bookstore, her bare feet stepping onto a puddle of muddy water and she cursed beneath her breath.

Alexa's thoughts returned to Harry, knowing that her godfather meant well by having men follow her now and then. She often wondered what prompted the surveillance, but she'd long given up wondering. Alexa knew that Harry didn't trust her, thinking that she was still a child, just as her father had always thought.

But as Alexa made her way behind the buildings, still looking over her shoulder as she skirted along the narrow alleys, she knew that though Harry may not trust her, he was someone she needed to trust, especially now. She wanted nothing more than to go straight away to Thames House and tell Harry everything she knew, but she still had one more thing to do.

She still had to retrieve the one thing that Arkady wanted her dead for. She did not need any further proof beyond the bombs inside the cargo ship cabin and the shooter on the dock.

Mikhael was right about two things.

The pretense was over. And too many people wanted her dead.


Lucas was fortunate that Larry was a reasonable man. The man was about to attack Lucas with a tire iron, and had been close to being shot at by Lucas as he tried to protect himself. Instead, Lucas flashed Larry his identification and the man threw the tire iron down on the ground immediately, turning around to see Alexa drive off with his pick up truck.

Lucas turned back and ran towards the black car that Ros and Jo had driven into the dock with. Jo was with a young woman sitting at the back of an ambulance and Lucas recognized her as the woman who had been tied to the chair inside the warehouse. Nadia Ravin, the woman who had been with Liam that morning.

"I'm going after Alexa," Lucas said and Jo tossed him the keys to the car just as Ros hurried towards him.

"Lucas, stay on comms," Ros said but Lucas didn't hear her. He started the engine and sped away, leaving Ros and Jo shaking their heads after him.

Although Alexa had a few minutes head start before Lucas, it wasn't difficult to track down the pick up truck driving on the M25 as soon as Lucas informed the Grid what had happened.

"She just called me," Harry had said, a sense of growing panic in his voice. "Lucas, what the hell happened? Where is Alexa?"

"She ran. Something Mikhael said set her off," Lucas said. "Harry, I need you to check into this saying, 'because they wished to see too far before them, backward they look, and backward make their way.'"

"What the hell is that?" Harry asked.

"I don't know, but whatever it is, it set Alexa off," Lucas lowered his voice as he started the engine. "I also need Malcolm to track a pick up truck for me."

"She stole a truck?" Harry asked, his voice incredulous.

"Yes, Harry, she stole a truck, and she managed to convince a man in five seconds that I was up to no good and if he weren't reasonable, he nearly would have killed me," Lucas replied as he sped out of the dock. Or get shot, Lucas wanted to add. "There's more to your little princess than you thought."

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