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A sharp twinge ached along her side, the guard Maxwell he was fond of giving wounds, so just another to go with the past ones

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A sharp twinge ached along her side, the guard Maxwell he was fond of giving wounds, so just another to go with the past ones. Taking her hand off it, blood dripped between her fingers coating the grasses. Great leaving a trail.

This would've been fun any other time. She burst through Ragefire Valley tripping over several large rocks hidden under the grasses. There the road off ahead, Amperage. Wonder if he's still there? Everything was going to the dark–ones lately, such black luck. Weaving and bobbing forward, the swiftness spell started to wear off.

The coin pouch came undone from her hip slash and clanked on the ground. She snatched it back up mid-run and double knotted it to the slash. Almost at the bottom now. The valley spread out to a long dusty path this expanded into a dirt road that led to a modest town smack in the middle.

This pain burned and throbbed, wrenching away the passing nostalgia. Whenever she stopped, wisps of purple smoke wafted near her vision; then disappeared. It was getting stronger. Whispers, faint whispers grew stronger by the minute.

Sounds of town buzzed off ahead,  before this the smells from bazaar within the open gates caused her stomach to rumble. Breathing in the delicious smells that wafted from the bazaar was maddening. A roast boar, a healer, a bath. Even though this town was small It's bathing rooms were lavish.

A shirtless youth ran past. His arms shot up and a hovering silver orb ball hovered over his head.

"I've got it!" He motioned his hands and the ball shot off towards a girl that was running towards him.

The ball whirled between hers, and without her touching it, the ball shot off towards a garden off to the right; they both bounded off into it.

A merchant beckoned from behind, his narrow counter was several feet away, crowded with desserts, fruits, and buns in baskets beside it.

"Young lady, you shall find the finest sweets here! Why we have the rare Fizzy Kerf from across the five seas! Guaranteed to delight!"

His words had a honey quality to them that made her pause more than the array of treats.

"Some other time." She stepped to the side where there was more space.

He was a tall man, wizened and stringy. His wind-weathered skin reminded her of an old soggy boot. The crinkled skin folded down around his eyes, highlighting the fiery glow of youth that was so at odds with the rest of him.

"No thank you." Don't need any rotten fruit. She attempted to move past him while covering the wound.

He stepped around the counter holding out his arms palms up.

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