❧Chapter Two: Under Wise Malefaction ❧Updated

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Disclaimer: Originally, this was chapter one and is why it has 3k reads.

Disclaimer: Originally, this was chapter one and is why it has 3k reads

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Damn it. Kar had gotten too close that time. Blood leaked from the makeshift bandage and dripped onto the grasses. The wound fluxed between, though the pain burned and throbbed. This won't do, leaving a blood trail was as good as leaving a 'come get me' sign. She shook the blood off grasses and continued trying to run.

Ragefire Vally's jagged rocks and tall grasses weren't easy to navigate through, have always hated going through this way, but it'll be difficult for him too. There the road off ahead, Amperage.

Wonder if he's still there? Everything was going to the dark-ones lately, such black luck. Weaving and bobbing forward, she stumbled as the swiftness spell abruptly wore off. A coin pouch came undone from her hip slash and clanked on the ground. The emergency fund! Straining, she snatched it back up mid-run and double knotted it to the slash. Almost at the bottom now. The valley spread out to a long dusty path this expanded into a dirt road that led to a modest town in the valley.

Sounds of town buzzed off ahead, and the scents of spices from bazaar near the open gates wafted out.

A shirtless youth ran past. His arms shot up as a silver orb ball hovered over his head.

"I've got it!" He motioned his hands and the ball shot off towards a girl that was running towards him.

The ball whirled between hers, and without her touching it, the ball shot off towards a garden off to the right with the children chasing after it.

A merchant beckoned from behind, his narrow counter was several feet away, crowded with desserts, fruits, and buns in baskets beside it.

"Young lady, you shall find the finest sweets here! Why we have the rare Fizzy Kerf from across the five seas! Guaranteed to delight!"

"Some other time." She stepped to the side further away. He just wouldn't get a clue. She attempted to move past him while covering the wound.

He stepped around the counter, holding out his arms palms up.

"But, wait! I am an aged man trying to pay the taxes here. Will not you reconsider?"

"I need to go." She hissed through her teeth. A sharp pang came and went.

"A special offer today: only a five, gold for three buns!" His right eyebrow twitched and he continued to smile, though now it didn't reach his eyes. His long ears covered with age spots and little hairs at the tips. Pretty brave working here. But then again, the elder here wasn't half bad-for a human.

Merchants were such land-grubbers, they never gave up. "Some other time." She took her hand off the wound and flashed her blood covered fingers near his face. "Keep quiet about this." The fewer people involved the better; they'll just end up dead.

He frowned and came near again. "Miss?" It didn't seem possible, but his forehead wrinkles deepened.

Shaking her head. "You might want to stay inside for today." Going through the rocks wouldn't slow Kar down much, he could track though a blizzard if needed.

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