Chapter 3

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The room is full of classical music. The music fits the atmosphere of the room. Soothing and relaxing. I look around and notice that everyone here is wearing fancy clothing. While I'm in a jumper, tights, and boots. 

I look over across the table. Kevin is drinking the champagne that we were given when we were seated. He looks calm, like he's used to this. Unlike him, I'm sitting here stiff as a stick. This is my first time coming to a fancy restaurant so I'm nervous. 

A sigh of frustration comes from the other side of the table. I look over at Kevin and see that he is glaring at me. I shrink back in the seat at the intense gaze. He's making me feel even more nervous. 

"Stop being awkward. It's just a restaurant. A place where you eat and drink. Just like any normal one." He tells me coldly.

"No, this is different. Everything's really expensive. Some of the foods are 20 dollars just for one meal!" I reply. 

I must have raised my voice, because everyone around us is glaring at me. Oh great, now I'm making a fool of myself. I give them a sheepish grin and hide myself in the menu. I can hear them murmuring as they go back to eating.

I peek over the menu and see that Kevin is smirking at me. He must find it amusing that I am embarrassing myself. This guy is a big fat jerk. I sound like a little kid when I say that, but it's true. 

Out of no where, Kevin reaches his arm out towards me. I stare at it in confusion. It looks tan, long, and muscular. My insides burn with desire at I look at it. It looks so mouthwatering that I want to lick all over it. Before my thoughts can get more exotic, I shake them away. Where did they come from? I've never thought of someone like that before. 

He brushes his fingers across my lips, but pulls away before I can react. I'm about to ask him what was that, but the waitress comes over. Her hair is a dirty blonde color, and it is pulled up in a ponytail.  Her skin is tanned just like Kevin's, her eyes are a hazel brown, and she has a small beauty mark on the corner or her right eye. Her lips are covered in dark red lipstick and her eyes is done lightly with only mascara. No eye shadow. Everything about her screamed perfection and flawlessness. To be honest, she reminded me of the redhead at the pet shop.

"Hi, my name is Sarah, how may I take your order?" Sarah was hardly paying any attention to me as she continues staring at Kevin affectionately. I roll my eyes, and look down at the menu again. All the foods here are ridiculously expensive. Here a bowl of soup is almost 30 dollars. In a regular restaurant it would be 10 dollars. Sometimes cheaper. 

Kevin ignores Sarah and looks at the menu. I look at her and see that she keeps licking her lips. Don't be fooled by his looks. Really he's a jerk. I think bitterly. Kevin looks up from the menu and clears his throat. 

"Can I have two plates of your Steak Roadhouse? Medium rare for both please, and for the sides can I have mashed potatoes and a baked potato for both."

Sarah hurriedly writes the order down. She looks up and asks him in a seducing way, "Anything else. Sir?" She bites her lips in a sexy way. I cringe as I watch her. She is trying way too hard. 

"Yeah, can you stop. Your actions are making me feel uncomfortable." He says with no hint of emotion. 

Sarah blushes furiously and nods her head. I watch as she scurries off towards the kitchen. My eyes widen at his last comment in shock. No matter who he is talking to, he's still rude. Kevin rolls his eyes and turns towards me again. The smirk from earlier returns on his face. 

"What made you an hour late to drop my lunch off?" He raises an questioning eyebrow

I pick up my glass of champagne, and take a long sip of it. The golden liquid swirls around my mouth. It leaves a trail of a rich flavor as I swallow. I hum in appreciation at the deliciousness, and take a few more sips.

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