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Just a couple of days ago my boyfriend Dylan and his friends scared the shit out of me. I plan to get my revenge, but I suck at this stuff.


After a couple hours of thinking, I decided to call Thomas, one of my great friends. (thomas sangster of course) I dial in his number and wait.

T: thomas M: You/ Me

T: Hello?

M: Hey! It's Y/N

T: What's up?

M: Oh, nothing really. I just need a big favor!

T: Yeah? What is it?

M: Can you please help me get Dylan back for scaring me? I'll love you forever!

T: What's so hard about that?

M: You seriously have no idea how clueless I am. Please?

T: Be there in 5. There better be pizza though.

M: Thank you!!



"Wait, so you want me to do what?" Thomas asked wide eyed.

I groan, "Make Dylan scream like a little girl please!"

"Uhm, we can get..."

"Oh my gosh that's perfect!" I squeal.


I get ready for our prank tonight, I seriously can't wait.

I hear a knock and Dylan's head pops in "Ready to go babe?"

"Yeah!" I say and try to hide a smirk.

Car Ride Skip

"Why are we out here?" Dylan says while shivering. Yeah, we're outside of McDonalds at 9:00 pm.

Nothing suspicious here, right? (;

"Dylan, I just wanted to say that I love you" I say while looking down "A-and I love you so much that I-I need to just.." I drop to my knees while covering my eyes.

I guess I'm a good actress because Dylan looks confused and sad. "W-what?" He says while frowning.

I groan, that's the signal "Dylan I-i don't feel good.." I look behind him and see Thomas with his horn.

"Y/N are you okay?" Dylan asks. 


I swear Dylan jumped as high as if he were on the moon and he screamed like a little girl too. Mission accomplished!

I laugh and so does Thomas coming into better view.

Dylan has his hand over his chest. He looked mad, then confused. He starts to laugh "I hate you all."

I smile, "I love you too!"

"Just next time, get some better help." he says, pointing at Thomas.

"Hey, I'm still here butthole." Thomas says, pouting.

We all burst out laughing.

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