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Luke's POV

Some people say that before you die, your whole life rewinds in the span of a few minutes. You relive every single memory before taking your last breath. Some memories are bad, others are good. You don't get to choose which ones you want to see again, so in a way, you never truly can forget things. You will always remember.

In your life, you may remember small details, or the bigger pictures. Maybe you remember the way it sounds when your best friend laughs, or every single line in your favorite movie. For some reason, we remember some things, but forget others. As time goes on, you start to forget more and more until everything seems like a distant dream.

But in your last few minutes on Earth, you'll remember everything.

I'm not sure if I believe that, and I'm not sure I want it to be true.

I've made a lot of great memories in my life, but there's also a lot of bad ones. The bad things in life can weigh you down until you no longer feel like you're living. You're just here.

That's when you have to start taking chances and make memories you'll want to relive.

so this is just a quick little prologue and i'll probably update with an actual chapter like tomorrow but i wanted to post this :)

and the cover is supposed to be similar to rtf but this time the picture is in color because now luke's life is a little brighter (get it?)

if you haven't read remember to forget, you shouldn't be reading this since it's the sequel so go read rtf and come back later! lol

i hope you like this, tweet me how excited you are bECAUSE I'M EXCITED @singsongash


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