Chapter 8

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Ken startled.
"What are you doing?" I asked, frowning.
Ken didn't reply.
"I don't understand this." I said. Well that was the truth.
"Your acts from when I first met you till now confused me so much, Ken. I don't know what you mean with that...that kiss just now. I feel like I'm falling in a trap. Your trap. A minute you are cold and then you are so nice to me it hurts that I can't have you. I feel like I'm just your stupid game." I choked on my tears. I bit my cheek to keep it from coming.
"What did I do that confuse you?" Ken asked for the first time, since the kiss.
"You have a girlfriend, Ken. I like you. But I can't have you. And it hurts, seeing you with Katy. But your acts are rooting for me to fall deeper in love with you. You stick close to me. You act nice. You act like you care. Please reject me once and for all, Ken. So that I can wake up from this bad dream." Don't cry, Kris. Don't shed a single tear.
"I had a girlfriend. I broke up with her and you are a part of the reason." This surely was not what I expected.
"I like you too, Kris. Since the first day I met you in the doorway in front of class. You were perfect. And I fell in love. But then I see that you are not perfect and I love you even more. These 4 months you have came in my life, you made it so much better. I am happy with you in it. And I want you to stay here forever." He said all these, avoiding my gaze.
"These 4 months, Katy and I have been fighting. Arguing. Till last week I caught her in bed with that boy." Ken. I'm sorry that you have to meet all these. Please stop. I don't want to know anymore. We can stay the same. We can stay as friends.
"Katy was jealous. She said I was glued to you all the time. I told her I was sorry. That I didn't think anything of you more than friends. But that's not true." He met my gaze this time.
"I thought about you in ways I shouldn't. I think about you all the time. You became a part of me. I'm sorry, Kris. I'm sorry I hurt you. I like you too much." I can't control my tears. I am happy and sad. I am overwhelmed by his words.
"Then ask me out. Date me." I said locking my eyes with his surprised eyes.
"Kiss me again." I said.
And he did.
And I kiss him back.

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