Shades From Beyond: Fancy Protection

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      If there are some things that people value, it is wealth and expensive things. The greed that human beings have is actually a trait that can be used by others to secretly promote a hidden agenda. Without greed there would be no need for big companies, but business is needed because money is linked to people so it can be spent. Overall, it is always good for the luxurious item to have a secret protective benefit.

      In the town of Thunder Bay in Ontario there is a store named Platinum Value that sells diamond rings, golden bracelets, diamond necklaces, expensive watches and other valuable items. The store was owned by Meg Turner who had inherited the store from her parents Les and Nancy. Meg had an education in biology and technology. When she was younger she learned how to become a successful saleswoman working in the store for a couple of summers. A lot of people bought the expensive handmade items online. After all, there is a lot of business which can be done over the Internet.

      One of the best clients of the store was a citizen from Melbourne which was in Australia named Patty Latinis. She had bought an expensive diamond necklace to wear to a prestigious gala where she won an award for the best fashion designer. After parking her car by miraculously finding a parking spot, Patty was suddenly surrounded by 2 petty thugs that were pointing their guns at her when she got out of her vehicle. It was at that moment that each diamond on her diamond necklace showed to have different types of supernatural monsters inside each of the diamonds. Two of the supernatural monsters which were a werewolf and a gargoyle, came out of their respective diamond and went after the thugs after they ran like hell and were full of fear. The thugs ran side by side and it was to no avail as the monsters ripped them to shreds. A few days later, their deaths were deemed by the authorities to be caused by an animal attack.

      The fact of the matter was that the world always had Guardians of Darkness that protected the existence of different types of supernatural entities like all sorts of monsters. Meg's ancestors were Guardians of Darkness that decided to preserve the creatures of the night inside valuable items that humans could wear through magic and technology. The Turner family had figured out long ago that the vanity that humans had could be used to serve their purpose. Long ago the Turner family knew that humans linked themselves to valuable possessions so why not make those valuable possessions protection items that could save human lives. Through the valuable items that could be purchased  human beings could live on and so could the monsters.

         The Platinum Value business had over five thousand stores all over the world. There was a huge market full of supply and demand. Now the next step for the Guardians of Darkness was to expand into a new market by using their magic and technology in another type of expensive item which is why they were also getting into the luxury car business where their car and the owner would be protected by a supernatural monster. When people realize that there is an item that stands above all the others they will do anything to obtain it.

                                                                     The End

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