6 - remember the deal

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(im picturing this daycare like sunnyside from toy story, except without the evil kids. I just mean there's a caterpillar room for the babies and a butterfly room for toddlers judge me hahaha)

Today's pajama day. It's also the day that Ashton is picking up Halle. I hope he is able to get off work. As much as I love seeing Michael everyday, I really want to meet Ashton.

It's almost time for me to leave. I've usually gotten my stuff together by now, but I've decided to wait just a little longer. If there's a small chance that Ashton is coming, I don't want to miss it.

He dressed Halle adorably today, like usual. She's wearing a white onesie with pink polka dots scattered on it. The feet are little monkeys and there's a little brown tail on the back.

Her pajamas put mine to shame.

"Samantha, you don't have to stay any longer. Go home, you're here too much."

I glance at Sharon with a smile. She's one of the oldest employees here, and also one of the sweetest. I think I may be closer to her than I am to a lot of the younger girls.

"It's okay, Sharon. I have nothing else to do," I laugh honestly.

She gives me a sad smile, making me a little embarrassed. I wish I was like the other girls, going out all the time and having fun. But I'm not. The daycare is my life and I'm not ashamed to admit that.

"I'm surprised Michael hasn't come, Halle never stays longer than three thirty," Sharon says in a confused voice while looking towards Halle's crib.

The toddlers are playing with toys in the butterfly room, but all of the little ones are still napping in the caterpillar room. Halle's one of the little ones. We usually just wake her up when it's time for her to leave.

"I'm gonna go see if they need any help next door," I tell Sharon and then walk through the small bathroom connecting the two rooms.

The noise difference between the two rooms is incredible. There's children all over the ground, arguing and laughing as they play with the toys. I see Lindsey and Kate, talking over by the cubbies in the wall. They're both my age and they watch over the butterfly room on most days.

"What are you doing in here, Sam?" Kate turns to me and I smile nervously.

"I was just seeing if you two needed any help in here," I say quietly, gesturing to the room.

"No, we can handle it. You should've seen the guy that just came in here, holy shit," Lindsey fans herself and my eyes widen.

"Don't swear in front of the kids!" I whisper in shock. She narrows her eyes at me and I feel my face heat up. I couldn't help but scold her. That's not something the children should be hearing and I'm sure their parents would think the same thing.

Lindsey starts putting her silky straight blonde hair into a ponytail, still staring at me stubbornly. "None of them heard me. Geez, you and Sharon never lighten up."

Kate smiles a little and then her features soften, "This guy was really cute, Sam."

I nod, while looking at the kids playing with blocks and stuffed animals. I hear Kate say something and it grabs my attention.

"What'd you say?" I ask her. She glances at Lindsey and tilts her head.

"I said that he told us he was looking for his daughter, Halle. We told him to go next door," She says slowly.

My mouth opens and I run quickly back to the door, in a rush to get back to the caterpillar room.

"Do you know him?" Kate yells loudly as I go through the bathroom. I open the door to the caterpillar room quietly and try to slip in without making a sound.

I glance to Halle's crib out of habit and see a tall man standing next to Sharon, looking down at Halle.

I must breathe a little too loud because Sharon suddenly turns to me. I smile nervously as the man looks to where she's staring. His mouth parts and my face burns as he closes it shut and gives me a small nod.

"This is Halle's father, Sam," Sharon says in amazement and I don't miss the subtle wink she gives me.

I walk over to them and take a deep breath before smiling, "I'm Sam, it's nice to meet you."

He just stares at me silently, a smile growing wide for each second his eyes are on my face. He coughs and then I look at him raise his hand between us. I lift mine up and squeeze his lightly.

"I'm Ashton," He smirks.

He's wearing black pants and a black button up shirt. His golden brown hair is swept back out of his face and there's short stubble growing along his jaw.

He's so incredibly handsome.

I see Sharon walk away from us, but don't pay any attention to it. Ashton sighs and then looks down at Halle with a soft smile. He lowers a hand down, touching Halle's hand with his finger. She doesn't wake up, but wraps her hand around his finger tightly.

I smile at the sweet action and keep my eyes on her, waiting for him to say something.

"Don't want to wake her up?" I ask with a knowing smile. He laughs and glances at me, shaking his head as his cheeks start to blush.

"I love her pajamas," I giggle, softly touching the monkeys on her feet. He brings his other hand down and plays with the monkeys too.

"I love your pajamas, you both look cute," He mumbles and I glance down at my blue pajamas. They're plaid and boring, but I smile anyway. Of course, the first time he meets me I'm in pajamas.

I watch as he tucks both hands underneath her arms and tenderly picks her up. Her eyes squeeze shut as she's woken up and her mouth opens as if she's about to cry. She usually cries when Michael gets her too, but Ashton looks anxious.

"Shh, Halle. Don't cry, baby," He coos and holds her close to his chest. My heart tugs at the sight. He walks around the room slowly, soothingly bouncing her in his arms.

"You'll wake up your friends if you cry. That wouldn't be very nice, would it?" I hear him say quietly.

I walk over to the ladybug wall where all of the kids' things are held. Halle's black diaper bag is hanging and I grab something out of it, bringing it over to Ashton.

Halle's fallen asleep easily on Ashton's shoulder, her mouth wide open as small breaths leave it.

His eyes widen as I hold up the soft kangaroo. He takes it from me and whispers a thank you.

"You're welcome," I whisper. He grins and then I follow him as he walks to the door. I try to open it for him, but I have some trouble and clumsily take a few seconds to do it. He's making me so nervous, I can't think straight.

I look up at him and smile at the amused expression on his face. He watches me as he kisses the top of Halle's head.

He leans a little close to me and I swallow a nervous laugh. I notice Sharon eyeing us, but it's too late to back away now. We're a little closer than a parent and employee should be getting.

"Remember the deal. Now we get to have a play date in the park," He says lowly.

"Okay, when?" I ask quietly, squealing on the inside because he called it a play date.

He sighs and then laughs softly, "I'll email you."

I nod and lift a hand, waving it lamely, "Bye."

He walks out the door and my eyes follow him as he gets further down the hall. He turns around to me and catches me watching him. I feel my cheeks burn and nervously tuck some hair behind my ear. His reaction to me watching them almost makes me fall on the floor.

He lifts up Halle's hand and waves it a little, making her rub her face in his shirt. He looks at her for a minute fearfully, letting go of her hand so she doesn't start to cry. After a moment, he giggles to himself.

"Bye, Ms. Riggs," He whispers loud enough for me to hear.

"Bye, Mr. Irwin. Bye, Halle," I wave back and then they're gone, much to my disappointment.

I cannot wait for our play date.

*im sorry it's short but yay they met*

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