Ch. 50

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Harmony's p.o.v|

Today, Mikey and I are hanging out together. We haven't hung out in awhile. We are going to to the park. It was my idea. Michael is picking me up in about a half hour or so. I get dressed and do my hair. I go downstairs and to the living room. I see Michael sat on my couch, waiting for me already

"You guys really have to stop doing that."

"Sorry" he laughed.

"It's okay."

We go out my front door and to the car. We drive to the park and I park the car in the lot. Michael helps me out of the car. We walk around the park quietly.

"So, how are things?" I ask him.

"Good actually. We have just been really busy with the music and other stuff. The rest of the boys are at the studio now, working on a song they wrote." Michael tells me.

"That's cool."

"How are things with you?" Mikey asked.

"They're good. It's been hard adjusting to this whole baby thing these past few months, but I've managed. Luke couldn't be happier about the baby."

"I know, he talks about you and the baby all the time. He can't wait for you to have her." Michael confessed to me.

"Aww that's cute" I said.

"You make him really happy, Harmony."

"He makes me so happy."

"We couldn't be more happy for you two. I'm just glad to see Luke with someone like you. You're his best friend and you mean the world to him. He needs you, Harmony."

"Thanks Mikey, that means a lot to me."

"Anytime" he says.

We sit down on the park bench and continue to talk. Suddenly, I look off to see some familiar boys walking towards us.

"Calum?" I questioned.

Michael looks at me confused.

"Ash?" I run over to them.

"Hey Harmony" Ashton said.

"What are you doing here guys?"

"We just wanted to hang out" Cal said.

"I thought you were at the studio?" I asked.

"We were," Ash looks really suspicious right now, so did Cal.

"Where's Luke?" I ask the two boys.

"Right here," I hear a voice behind me.

I turn around but I don't see anyone there. Instead, I look down to see Luke on one knee.

"What are you doing? Get up!" I laugh at my boyfriend.

He reaches into his pocket for something.

"Harmony Ella Hayes, will you make me the happiest guy alive and marry me?" Luke opens the small box.

I gasp loudly, as I look down into the box with an engagement ring in it.

"Oh my gosh!" I felt a tear slip from my eye.

Luke takes my hand in his. The boys were now smiling at me. I felt myself crying of joy.

"Of course I will!" He slips the ring on my finger.

I start crying harder.

"Y-yes I will!" I stuttered.

He picks me up in his arms and I kiss him passionately. I see the boys with their iPhone's in hand, taking pictures of us. Luke places me down on the ground. But I bring his face down to me by his neck and kiss him again. His arms were wrapped tightly around my waist.

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