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Noise [Thirteen]

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"Okay, sweetheart, what do you know?"
I was in a small room with military men standing in front of the exit. The room was lighted weirdly and all that was in it was a table and two chairs, opposite each other. A lady called Joan Gregory sat opposite me with a pen and a notepad to write down what I said, which was nothing yet.
"Come on, we haven't got all day" she persisted, but I persisted harder. My eyes stayed firmly on her own, intentionally making her uncomfortable. I glanced at one of the walls behind her, which was one of those CSI wall mirrors (The single sided ones that allowed people to watch us), and then looked back at her. I shrugged and relaxed my shoulders.
"All we want to know is if the scientists touched you..."she stuttered "You're head?"
"No" I said simply. The lady wrote it down, but it took her longer then it would usually take to write 'No'.
"Can I go back to the academy now?" I said, fed up with this murky room.
"No, Aralyn, we need more from you. I promise, when you give us what we need, we'll let you go" She said and leant on the table, her tired brown eyes staring through me.
"What do you want me to say?" I leant back, away from her, and folded my arms. Joan eyed the mirror and then gave me a not so heart-warming smile.

"Did you know I was once a reader, like yourself, and went to the academy too?" I thought it was a rhetorical question, but wasn't sure so I shook my head, my arms still stubbornly crossed. One of the military men on the exit shot her a darkened look, but either she didn't see it or she wasn't phased.
"The government took me off the streets when I ran away" she continued. Why would anybody ever run away from the academy? "And asked me a few questions, like I'm doing to you, and after that everything was clearer and my life was a lot..." she paused, probably trying to find the right words to finish with "... Happier" she curled her fingers together and leant her elbows on the table as if she was about to pray. I raised an eyebrow.
"Why was it happier? How could this..." I opened my folded arms and pointed to the dirty walls "... make me any happier than the academy, Huh?"
"Trust me, Aral..."
"Why should I?" My temper burst and I forcefully stood up and shoved the chair I was sitting on out of the way. It fell backwards and clattered on the tiled floor, making the military men flinch. They were about to grab me before Joan held up her hand, symbolizing for them to stand down. They hesitated slightly and then retreated back to their posts.
"Look" I said, laying the palms of my hands down flat on the table. I leant across "I'm not normally like this. I'm good, I do my work when I'm meant to, I get the grades I should, I do extra credit homework, I get the professors coffee, I never raise my voice, and I never let my temper get the better of me, but now..." I leant back, picked up my chair, sat on it, and folded my arms once more "... I'm pissed off"

"Did the scientists do tests on you?"
"What sort of tests?"
"I don't know. They drugged me"
"Did they give you any information after?"
"How many people were the scientists keeping?"
"I don't know?"
"Were they all mind readers?"
"I don't know"
"What age would you say they ranged from?"
"Look, you're not listening to me. I don't know anything about the others they kept"
"Shock her"
"I was electrocuted, for the 21st time, and it was painful. This is what the government resulted to if they didn't get their own way. They were forcing answers out of me. If I stayed silent I would get a shock, if I acted out I would get a shock, if I passed out I would get shocked until I came round again. The government were not allowed to torture people, but, as Joan put it, what the citizens didn't know wouldn't hurt them, unless they were the ones being questioned"
"Did you feel differently after the tests?"
"Pain of any sort?"
"Did you meet anyone else during your time there?"
I said no immediately, but Joan must have noticed the spark that went off inside me. I was very good at lying, but the government were obviously even better at spotting liars.
"Shock her"
"No" I said again.
"Shock her. Who was it?"
"I didn't meet anyone. I swear"
"Shock her" the pain tore down me once more and my eyes began to water. I was never very good at resisting pain "Who was it?" Joan said, her razor sharp voice now getting the better of me.

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