Emile Point of view
I cradled the now sleeping Jon in my lap as Cole carried Lindsey to the car. By the look of it Cole is in love with Lindsey and Lindsey is in love with him, Just by the way he looked at her. I placed Jon in the passenger side and got in the driver side. I started the car and started heading home slowly because I had Katy Meru and Amber following me and Meru was Running. She really did remind me of Link and Zelda. Her Jump was like Zelda's and Her fighting was like Links. I realized what a wacky group we had here. A princess, a descendent of a famous hero, a Homs, a glitch a hybrid and an ether user.
This really is a weird but Best Family.
Coles point of view
I climbed out of the car as we arrived at Emile's apartment. I was carrying Lindsey bridal style and Emile was carrying Jon the same way. Everyone else followed up the steps and into the apartment. I placed Lindsey in her bed and have her a soft kiss on the cheek and shut her door quietly. Emile made everyone a cup of green tea (🍵) to calm the nerves of everyone. I sat off wondering what had happen. I remember Stabbing someone with my driver and Meru fighting like Link and A shot gun going off while Amber fought Hand to hand and Emile used Ether but that was if. everything was just a blur afterwards. I must have went into Lindsey room in some point because I was now laying beside her in bed. (A/N I have the song where Ginny and Harry kissed in Harry Potter on my head right now) She was curled up into my side and I had my arms wrapped around her. Everyone else was asleep in the living room or Trying to sleep I guess. I placed my head on the top of Lindsey and let the tears I was holding in fall, I could of lost her. This just dawned on me and I held her closer to me, never letting go.
"Cole. I forgive you. You don't need to cry. Lillian forgives you to. For making me upset." I heard a whisper say to me and realized I had woken Lindsey up and she was talking to me.
"I love you Lindsey."
I love you too, Cole"

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