Chapter 16

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Ivey-Rose's POV

"I'm sorry that is classified information, you must leave now."  The one with the tie said, getting up from his chair and pushing me out  of the room.

I stood there, keeping my ground.  What is going on? Why won't they tell me? 

"NO! You have to tell me! NOW!" I yelled, running to the otherside of the room.

"We can't, You must leave, or else we may have to arrest you." The one with the glasses said.

"Fine then." I said raising my hands in surrender.  I walked out of the room adn they closed the dorr behind me.

I quickly turned right, away from the main office and walkeed down the hallway.  I looked into every window and listened through every door.  I came to a dead end, well it wasn't completely dead, there was a massive door, I pressed my ear against the door and listened carefully.  I could hear the faint noise of banging.  I pushed against the door but it wouldn't budge.

I ran back down the hallway and into the main office. I ran over to Soda and Steve and pulled them up and dragged them out of the building.  Once we  were outside and a fair distance away from the main enterance I stopped and turned to face them.

"I know you two know what happened to Dal,  what is it?" I asked, looking up at them, trying to be intimidating.  They looked at each other nervously before replying.

"They seem to have this theory that Dally raped you, so they locked him up, but they're going to take him away."  Steve said quickly before he decided not to say anything.  I loooked up at him, shocked. How could anyone think that? Dally wouldn't even be stupid enough to do that if he was drunk.

"I know where he is, we have to sneak in though."  I said looking around to make sure no one was around.  They both nodded.

"And how do you thnk we should do that?" Soda asked.

"I don't know, I just know where he is." I whisper yelled.

"Ok, lets just calm down and think." Steve said, before turning around and walking inside.

Soda and I followed in behind him, taking a seat like how we were before  I got called into questioning.

I looked around to see nearly everyone, except my family and the gang had left.  Thank god, this will make the situation a whole lot eaiser.

I looked behond me at Soda, who gave me a reassuring smile, I smiled back at him and turnedd back around. 



Dally's POV

I'm in a room,  there's no windows in here and its feels like 110 degreese.  The whole room was belended in together, so I didn't know where the door was.  I pounded on what i thought was the door for a while, hoping someone would come.

I eventually gave up when my hands were beginnign to bruise badly and when I had possibly broken a few bones as well.  I slid down against the wall and looked down at my hands. What is going to happen to me?  What will happen to Rosie?  I could be sent across the counrty, or reven the world and I'd never ever, possibly get to see my daughter again.

I sat there for hous untill I heard banging on the other side of the room.  I slowly got up and walked over to the where I'm guessing the door was.  I out my ear aginst it and listened, the sounds were muffled but I could make out what they were saying.

"Ivey, make sure you look right as well and not just left, there could be people coming from that direction."  I heard a voice like Steve's.

"Hey, shut up man, you'd probably look up and down and not left and right." Came Soda's voice.  Even though this wasn't the right kind of situation, I still managed to smile at them.  It was typical of Ivey to do that sort of thing, and typical of Steve to make a smart comment about it.  Come to think of it, they really are like brother and sister, except that they look completely different.

I was interrupted from my thoiughts when I heard a girlish scream and yells and feet running in the opposite direction of me.  Oh shit, what's happening now?


That's chapter 16! and it had Dally's POV in it. Sorry for the cliff hanger, i had to finish it quickly. Sorry for the terrible spelling and grammar, I'm on a laptop and im used to doing this on my iPad. Yeah, and sorry its short, im watching a movie and I really like it and I can't concentrate.

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