[ 032 - Girlfriend ]

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"I'm so tired." I mutter as I lay down on the couch, turning my head so I'm looking at a very awake Tommy who is sitting on the couch opposite of myself. There is a grin plastered across his face and when I asked him why he was so happy he said that it was for no reason and he just was happy to be awake. I asked again, knowing that he was lying and he said it was that one of his newest YouTube videos was doing much better then he expected. So I shrugged it off because whatever, that's good for him but didn't really require him waking me up so early in the morning. "I hate being up so early." I remind him and he laughs a little before checking his phone.

"Want some cereal?" Tommy asks me as he stands up and I make a small face because Tommy never wants cereal. I swear that we have boxes of cereal in our pantry from like 2017 which is probably not healthy. Maybe I'll clean the pantry out today if foods that we don't eat or have been in there for literal years. I shake my head no a little but he gives me a small glare as he leaves the room. "You're eating cereal with me now." He says and I stare at the door which he had walked through.

"Ok?" I laugh a little in confusion before sitting up and reaching for the remote. There is a few seconds of peaceful early morning silence in the house as I scroll through the channels and Tommy gets cereal for us but it's broken by a knock at the front door.

"Can you get that?" Tommy asks not even a second as I hear the knock and I hear him pouring the cereal into a glass bowl. I toss the remote down and make my way to the front door with a small nod of my head as I pass by the kitchen to see Tommy looking at his phone.

"Who would be here at," I start to ask myself before I open the door and I instantly feel more awake then I had. I smile brightly when I meet his eyes and Will grins a little, wrapping his arms around me. I return the hug happily and he rests his head on top of mine. "Hey Will." I mutter into his chest happily.

"Surprise," He grins as I pull away from his hug and I see Tommy wave a little as he enters the room with only one bowl of cereal. I swear to god if he left my cereal in the kitchen where it is going to get soggy I will cry. "Do you want to go on a date with me today?" Will asks and I look at my watch to see how early it is before meeting his eyes again.

"This early?" I ask him and tilt my head to the side a little as Tommy steals the remote. I smile a little when I see him turn on A Tribute To Minecraft. I know that it is something he likes to watch whenever there is nothing else to watch and I really like it as well. Although I think Twitter would fall apart if I said that Schlatt was one of my favorite channels to watch in my free time.

"If you say yes then I might have plans for the day." Will says with a shrug and a small smile across his face that I return.

"Then yes," I say and go to grab my phone from the couch, making sure that I have my wallet tucked away in my pocket. I hate having Will pay for everything when we go out even though he tells me that it's fine. I think he understands though because sometimes he lets me pay for drinks or take half of the check just to let me be happy. "I will go on a date with you." I say and we wave bye to Tommy before he takes my hand and leads me to his car which is parked outside of the house.

Will happily took me to a local diner which we had been to together a few times in the past for breakfast before a long car ride which was filled with laughter and lots of music before we pulled into the parking lot of an aquarium. We make a point to go to every exhibit and stay watching the penguins for a while before we eventually find an exhibit which tells us all about Killer Whales which is really cool. He then pulls me to a park that is right by the ocean and is really pretty saying that it's getting late into the day.

"Blake," Will says as we come to a stop and I move my attention back to him rather then the water which is shining with so many different colors the sky provides. "Will you be my girlfriend?" He asks innocently and I smile a little at the question because we are so past it yet he still is asking me.

"Yeah, of course." I say with a small giggle as a bright grin grows across his face. He takes my hand in his and I move so I can wrap my arms around him. He kisses my forehead and we look out at the water which is turning darker with the sky.

"Good," Will says with a small chuckle and I look back up at him to see he is still happily grinning. We pull apart and start walking back to where his car is because it's going to suck if we get stuck out here in the dark however far away from the car we are. "I think Tommy might have killed you if you said no." He tells me and I turn my head a little to face him again with a joking glare but a grin across my face.

"Is that why he woke me up so early this morning?" I ask because it would explain why he was being so weird. I love my little brother but he isn't very good at being discrete with certain things. Plus he has basically been all over me about my relationship with Will since Will had come over in the middle of the night.

"I might've told him I was going to ask." Will says with a laugh and I roll my eyes, nudging him away from me jokingly. I look up at him as he comes to a stop and he takes me by the hand and pulls me closer, kissing my forehead then my nose and then my lips. "Girlfriend Soot." He grins and I roll my eyes, standing on my toes to give him a peck before running off into the night towards the car with him right behind me.

The End

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