Chapter | 4

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Warning: Fluff ahead, don't be fooled

the bell rang,

Ryūji gets in his car and is preparing to go home, now waiting for Shen to get in. "Oi, get in loser!"

Shen was looking around as if searching for someone, clutching his phone. Finally, it notified him of a text. He enters the Volvo without closing the door, confessing to Ryūji that, "I told my parents I'm hanging out at your place... and I planned to! B-but... I kinda made a spontaneous plan to go with Mahiro..."

"What?" Ryūji was weirded out, because he didn't know anything about last night's situation. "Your crush? Whoa Shen, suddenly he's interested in you? I mean great but... he looks kinda homophobic... Are you sure this isn't a prank?"

"He's not homophobic, he's really nice!" Mahiro has a gentle face that's always cheerful and smiling. "Hmph, you're just jealous the girls say he's more handsome than you, idiot Oreo."

"I don't care about what the girls say because I am handsome-er, why would you go with him instead of me?" Ryūji's face contorted to that of hurt and betrayal. Although, he's a little happy that Shen's no longer watching his crush from afar.

"It's just for Karaoke with his two other friends—"

"Two other friends?!" Ryūji is now very concerned and no longer supportive. "Shen... you puke every time you see a Saw movie. I'm not saying you're weak, but against three men?!"

"Hey, what does my movie preferences have to do with this, you seem to forget I'm a whole Alpha Lion," Shen huffs, stubbornly scowling at Ryūji.

Meanwhile, he just stared at Shen dumbfounded. "You're a kitty. Kitty-chan."

Shen was about to slap him with his bag, but a knock came from the roof of Ryūji's car. The two boys look up to see a handsome Mahiro in a little black ponytail and casual uniform shirt waving once at them.

"Hi, hi!"

Shen's face became significantly happier. "Mahiro!"

"Hello too, Senpai," Mahiro politely greets to the upperclassman in the driver seat. His smile was polite, but his eyes not so much. It caused tension within the three, with Shen right in the middle. Mahiro is staring at the Prince as if he's in the way of interacting with Shen.

"I have to go now!" Shen tells Ryuji, hopping out of the car. As Mahiro walks off for him to follow, Shen rushes to tell his best friend, "Please cover for me, please! I'll cover for you too if you need, I promise! Please, please, please!"

Ryūji really doesn't like the fact that he's going with three men, "You still don't know them that well!"

"They're nice, I swear! Please... I like them a lot..." How could anyone reject Shen when his eyes rival the cutest puppy. "Besides, they're Diplomats too so they won't kidnap me for ransom. Please don't worry Oreo, bye-bye!"

"But-!" Ryūji couldn't finish because Shen kissed him on the cheek for a distraction, before running off to go with Mahiro. He watches as his best friend gets inside a chrome red BMW, and Mahiro goes in the back seat with him as well, so who drives? Ryūji looks at the driver and it looked to be someone that's not from here. Indeed foreign Diplomats. Fúck, Shen.

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