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I was mourning, the grief hadn't passed away, although, I should have been joyful, believing and knowing the existence of the spirit world. Still, I missed Father. The very first thing what came to my heart as a thunder, He would never scold me again. Sure, He did love me, however, I felt His trust and care even those times when He helped me to lead my life in the straightest path to Heavenly Father.

I did not want to, a teardrop came, and blurred vision, sobbing. The feeling of choking, a bitter universe expanding in my throat, doesn't allow to swallow, breath, exist.

And suddenly, I felt His presence, like long time ago, I heard Him saying "I am here". The warm  presence made me breath again, feeling joy and a bit of confusion. Can it be my mind's trick? No, it was different. He is here, my Father.

My tears are coming through my walls of life, this time with happiness. It's been a long while, since I have felt calm and safe like this. Maybe I was going sideways, yet, He came to comfort me. I love Him, and He loves me, no matter what.

One day we will meet again.

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