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This is a RATED-R BOOK! Do not report me for offensive content because as you can see, this is your forewarning! This will not be primarily straight, so dont get you panties in a twist if you see non straight sex (i will warn you in the chapter name) If you are uncomfortable with these types of one shots, I suggest you leave now before you are exposed to good, hot, panty droppin reads.

Also, I will take requests my inbox is always open for anything. Umm...if you've read some of my other books, you know how graphic they get. So imagine that...10 times better (or worse).

Do not copy my work. I will literally crawl through the internet, find you and rip off every single one of your fingers if you do. (Im not kidding).

So my little sluts lets recap. This is a rated r book that is not necessarily straight, and do not steal my work. Get it, got it, good.

Now without further adoo I present...


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