Chapter 3: Mystery Girl

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The next morning around 10 am, Nelson called a man to come fix Liam's door while he took Liam to get fitted for school uniforms. He would be started his new school at Hemmingtown Middle School on Monday. Which was tomorrow.

Liam stood still and held his arms out as an old lady measured his arms length. She closed the measuring tape, wrote in a small note pad, then started measuring Liam's legs.

As the the lady was doing so, Liam looked around. This place is so...dull. So...lifeless. Liam thought. There were about seven long racks of grey clothing. There were some other racks with blue, black, purple, and white uniforms. The place was full of parents and their kids. About three women and one man stood behind their own cash register, slowly taking tags off uniforms and throwing into a bag. Everything in this place seemed so slow.

"One moment." The old lady who measured Liam said. He watched as she left and walked into a different room that was for the employees only. He looked around some more and noticed there was an upstairs which consisted of some shoes, gloves, and ties.

"Hey dad can I go upstairs?" Liam said wanting to get away from all the people around him. The air felt so stuffy to him and he could barely breathe.

His father looked up. "Hmmm sure. I'll come with you, it's pretty hot down here. Lets go see if we can get you some shoes."

Liam's dad walked ahead. Before they went upstairs a girl bumped right into Liam. She looked around his ages. Her hair was light brown and hung down pass her shoulders. The bangs of her hair were unevenly cut and the back was kind of messy. She had grey eyes. She looked like she had black eyeliner on but Liam couldn't really tell if below her eyes were just naturally that way. She also looked like she hadn't slept in days.

She stared at Liam with wide eyes as if she thought Liam was a monster or something. "Sorry." Liam said looking at her.

Liam's dad was already near the stairs. "Liam, aren't you coming?." His dad yelled cupping his hands over his mouth.

The girl was still staring at him. Liam looked at her for a quick second then went over to his dad. He glanced back to see if the girl still had been staring at him but she wasn't there anymore.

What was that about . Liam thought as he was going up the stairs. When Liam got up the stairs he saw a big long shelf full of grey shoes for boys and girls. His dad went to look for his size while Liam leaned against the wall. He didn't like the color grey. Not at all. That was the school uniform color, white and grey. His tie, shirt, and shoes had to be grey, while his pants and cap were white.

"Liam come try these on." His dad said examining the pair of shoes in his hands, checking to make sure they weren't ruined in any sort of way. Liam took them and tried them on. It was a perfect fit.

"Do they fit? Liam's dad asked.

"Yeah." Liam said tying them. He began walking around in them. Although he hated the color they were very comfortable.

"I'm going to check if they're done getting you a uniform. You coming down?" His dad asked heading towards the stairs.

"No, I'll wait here." Liam said waving. As Liam's dad went down stairs the same girl Liam bumped into was coming upstairs. Her again? He thought.

She spotted Liam and quickly ran to him. Liam backed up a few steps as she got closer. She took him by the hand and looked into his eyes. Her mouth was open as if she wanted to say something.

Liam blushed a little. "Look, I'm really sorry for bumping into you." He said quickly.

"You can see me?" The girl said letting him go. She took a step back.

"What?" Liam said.

The girl looked back at him. She studied him. "Who are you?" She asked.

"Uh, I'm Liam. My name is Liam." He said.

The girl just stared at him.

"Like from One Direction, haha." He joked. "I moved here yesterday."

"Where do you live?" The girl asked.

"I'm not sure about the street name but it's a grey house in next to a neighborhood with tons of other white houses and -"

"No. No no no." She looked behind her then around her and walked closer to Liam. "Liam don't go near or touch the-"

"Liam!" His dad called from halfway up the stairs. Liam walked pass the girl toward the stairs to see his dad. "I got your uniform lets go." His dad said.

"Okay one minute dad." He said turning around. The girl was gone again. Completely out of sight.


They were in the car. Nelson was going to drop Liam off at home while he went to buy Liam some school supplies. Liam was already registered for school. He would be starting tomorrow. A bus will pick him up at 7 am and his fist class would start at 8:15 am.

"Did you see that girl, dad?" Liam said staring out of the car window. "I wonder what her problem was."

"What girl?" His dad asked.

"The one that passed by you when you was going back downstairs. The one I bumped into? Remember?" Liam said.

Liam's dad gave him a look , raising his eyebrow. "I didn't see her, Liam." He said.

"She walked right past you on the stairs. How can you not remember?" Liam said moving his hands while he spoke. "She had brown hair and grey eyes and she looked like she was worried about something." Liam said.

"Sorry kiddo. I don't remember." His dad said and continued driving.

Liam gave up. Although, he had been wondering about the last thing she wanted to say. And how was she out of sight so fast. He thought about it until they pulled into the driveway of their house. As soon as Liam and his dad got out of the car, that's when they heard the scream come from inside their house.

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