Harry could feel his head splitting in two the moment he started regaining consciousness. He let out a small groan, immediately turning over and burying his face into the pillows underneath his head. He took in a long, deep, breat-


He inhaled again, the sweet aroma of a certain blue eyed omega filling his nostrils.

He didn't dare open his eyes, his headache only growing as he thought this through. This could either mean that his mind was playing tricks on him, or he was smelling the omega's pillow.

It was the second one, and he figured that out the moment he cracked his eyes open. Even through the splitting headache, he managed to lift his head up and glance around the room, noticing it was Louis's.

"Fuck," he groaned out, shutting his eyes again and burying his face back into the pillow. How the fuck did he end up here?

He didn't try and think about the answer to that question, not wanting to hurt his head any more than it already was. He must have gotten pretty damn hammered last night if he was this hung over and managed to wind up back in Louis’s bedroom.

He laid there for a few more minutes, feeling lucky that no one had entered the room. He didn't know if he was ready to handle Louis sober. Sure, drunk was one thing, one thing that he didn't remember a single thing about, but now it was different. Being sober meant facing his reality, and he wasn't ready for that.

He let out a breath and opened his eyes, sitting up in the bed. Glancing to the side of the bed he could have smiled once he saw the aspirin and water on the bedside table, but he did the opposite. He frowned, knowing that Louis had probably left that for him.

Why was Louis still caring for him?

He wasn't going to deny it though, because this headache was ripping through him like a chainsaw, the sunlight from the open curtains not helping at all. He was quick to take the pills, swallowing them with some water before setting the glass back down on the table.

Even the soft clink that the glass made against the wood made his head ache more. He groaned and turned away, shaking his head slightly with his eyes closed as if that would shake away the pain.

He opened his eyes hesitantly after another few seconds blinking to adjust to the light as he looked around the room. He could feel his heart ache at the familiar surroundings.

He remembered this room so perfectly. Everything about it. Right down to the old shirt that Louis had stopped wearing before they had even gotten together, but it was still in the same spot on the floor because he refused to pick it up.

"It's been there for so long Haz. What's the point in picking it up now? It's part of the decor at this point. A memory. It will stay there until I move out of this place."

And like he had said it was still there.

His eyes scanned over the rest of the room quickly and stopped at the clock on the other side of the room.

And holy shit how the hell did he sleep until noon?

He didn't remember what time he crashed last night, but he blacked out at like ten o'clock or something. And there was no way much could have happened after that if he ended up here.

And even if he did turn in late. He couldn't remember the last time he slept past seven AM even if he crashed at six thirty.

"Shit," he sighed as he collapsed back into the bed and cushion of blankets below him. When he glanced to the side he noticed the way the sheets and covers were ruffled on the other side of the bed as well, including an indent in the pillow.

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