How it all went down.......

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My name Aaliyah parkson i'm only 21 and i have a child by a druglord he don't know i was pregnant but i was when we broke up he from Nola and I'm from Detroit we met in Houston the cities he run is Nola and Houston his name is August but in Nola & Houston it's Yung'. we been dating since we was 13.he really 2years older then me I just skip 2grades.

he left me for a gold digger bitch name crystal he learned his lesson she left him for his so mf call 'friend' she end up pregnant and lied to him saying that was his baby. but at 7months she told him the Truth and told him that wasn't his baby i live in Miami now. after 3months of depression and almost had a miscarriage i had to move. now this how it started.


At school

everyone keep looking at me and crystal followers laughing and pointing at me but i ingorne them then i get a text from my best friend Nadia

text convo:

look at this bs *sees a pic of august and crystal making out*


Thats whats i was saying smh niggas these days

ikr but i might check out early im feeling light headed and i got to throw up

okay love get well soon

thanks love

-convo over -

*runs bathroom and throws up hears bathroom door open and hears giggling-

girl 1: omfg u know august suppose dump liyah today for gold digger crystal

girl 2: girl yas smh he just don't know crystal want his money not him then that hoe try to sleep with mine last week i beat that ass hoe got me fuck up. i beat his too cause nigga i dare u to go with her

*bells rings*

girl 1: lets go to class

-they walk out -

so he want her huh? okay he gone learn to not try to leave me for no thot ugh he better be glad i'm sick or i beat his ass and her -flips hair-

At home

ugh im hungry my boobs hurt and my tummy hurt i keep getting random headaches,

*Nadia walks in*

Hey boo i made u some soup and gave u some 7up

thank youuuuuuuu *does a kissy face*

welcome bookie

so u know august want to break up with me for crystal?

yeah i heard i hate that u should dump him first....also here u go *throws pregnancy test at me*

the hell is this for??

Yo ass u need to take them.

but -pouts-

go take it now -points to the bathroom-

fine *goes to bathroom*

-15mins later-

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