Almost Like Someone Reached Into My Chest And Ripped Out My Heart

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Chapter Two... Almost Like Someone Reached Into My Chest And Ripped Out My Heart

We had spent the last six months trying to have a baby, but without any success. The first three months I had been late each time, and it got my hopes up. But after that, I didn't worry about if I was late, because I didn't wanna get my hopes up once again.

Lucas and I had spent many hours discussing baby names, and there was one girls' name in particular we loved, and three boys names. But of course, we had to have the baby first.

"I thought that this might have happened quicker," I sighed. "But... I don't feel pregnant, and I'm on time this month, so..."

"I know, babe," Lucas comforted. "But it can't happen quick for everyone."

"I suppose," I groaned.

"You're impatient," he chuckled. "I know it."

"And you love me for it," I laughed, grinning.

"See?" he beamed. "I know how to make you happy."

"Yes, you sure do," I smiled. "I guess I just wanted it to happen quickly. I'm not good with waiting, but it's been six months!"

"And it might take years," Lucas said sadly. "Unfortunately, it just isn't that easy to create a baby..."

"Chelsea only had to open her legs to every man in town, and she got pregnant!" I snorted.

"Yes, but your twin sister has pretty much had every guy in town," Lucas laughed. "If she had an army of kids, I wouldn't be surprised."

"Yeah, but my mom might have personally neutered her," I said, rolling my eyes.

"Your mom? Or you?" he asked.

"Probably our whole family," I said, sitting up in bed.

"Yeah, probably," he agreed.

I hated the fact that I wasn't pregnant yet, and I hated it even more that I was obsessing over it. I thought I would be different, that I wouldn't think too much about it. But I was wrong. I'd graduated college now, and life was certainly looking up. I was twenty-two, married to the perfect man and we were in the process of starting our family.

So nothing could go wrong... right?


"I have to go and pick up my stupid sister!" Lucas shouted after he got off the phone with Athena.

"What? It's midnight!" I snapped.

It was the middle of the night. Athena's phone call had awoken us both, and I was cranky! She only ever phoned when she wanted something, and it was always at the worst possible times.

"I have work early in the morning!" I groaned.

"You and me both," Lucas scoffed. "When will she learn to sort out her own problems without the interference of her little brother? She doesn't even like me!"

"What's happened this time?" I asked.

"Oh, her moron husband took a swing at her!" Lucas said angrily. "When will she leave him?! I'm sick of having to go there and pick her and the kids up!"

"You gotta pick them up, too?!" I groaned, annoyed.

"No, they're at mom's," he sighed. "Argh! Guess I should go..."

"Hurry back," I said through a yawn. "This bed's cold and lonely without you."

"Trust me, I'll be dumping her at mom's and I'll be right here with you," Lucas smiled, and our lips met for a moment.

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