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See my face? 

It might look beautiful to you..

but all I see a girl who is broken. 

I am a broken record player. 

Over and Over, 

I play my song. 

My song? 

It is one that I wish would go away. 

I want to smash it to a million pieces. 

The weight on my shoulders is getting larger and larger

I fear I might let go at that moment and just...

drift away...

I can't take much more of this world...

Neither has my past friends...

So tell me all my imperfections.

I want to learn what I have done wrong. 

I know some. 

But not all. 

Tell me..

Tell me why I'm like this. 

Tell me why I'm so broken...

and no one bothers to even paste it back together? 

Am I ugly?

Am I horrible?

Am I just...not worthy?

I don't know any longer..

Tell me why I'm like this...

I need to know...

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